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08.07.2016 • 5 Codes

Insane 2: high risk, quick reflexes and full throttle nonstop!

One would have not expect that: the explosive off-road racing game Insane 2 from the house Targem Games celebrates a triumphant return and casts a long shadow on other representatives of the genre. Providing 9 differentiated game modes including Capture the Flag, Gate Hunt and Pathfinder this racing adventure offers nothing more but action-packed off-road madness. If you want to drive really mad, you may better activate the cheats of our latest MegaTrainer. Then you'll get infinitely much boost and tons of upgrade points!
Game Profile
Publisher: Game Factory Interactive
Developer: Targem Games
Release Year: 2012
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Insane 2 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for upgrade points
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
Set upgrade points to 50
If you're inside the upgrade-menu, you can cheat your available points with this.
+100 Upgrade points
Increases the number of the current points according to the displayed value!
Infinite boost
With help of this cheat you can use the boost of vehicles as much as you like.
Freeze AI
Paralyzes the AI completely!

Special Hint

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After the first part of Insane was more or less quite a letdown, actually, you would have not expected that and yet: The off-road racing game Insane 2 is full of testosterone and offers a huge range of innovations that let in fresh air redefining the entire genre. All game modes – let it be Capture the Flag, Jamboree, Gate Hunt, Destruction Zone, Pathfinder, Greed, Return the Flag or Pursuit – are impressively staged and playable both in single- and in multi-player mode.
You may look forward to more than 150 varied races, championships and cup competitions, which take place all around the world in Europe, America, Africa and even Antarctica. The various routes lead you through sand and deserts, snow and ice, high-speed roads and long distance paths, African coastlines and picturesque beaches.
Lights, curves, crash barriers and all rules of traffic safety in general are simply ignored in Insane 2.
The ways and means you reach the next checkpoint are entirely left to you. Do you prefer to bomb down the dirt road or to enable your boost to jump the abbreviation over a hill? Your decision! Will you race up the steep wall, even knowing that behind a hellish abyss is looming? Your decision! Or will you dare to take a hell-ride through the canyon? Your decision! And anyway: how big is your risk tolerance? How fast are your reflexes? Hopefully gigantic and incredibly fast, because as far as Insane 2 is concerned every race runs indeed differently!


The adrenalin-pregnant off-road racing game Insane 2 offers a total of 18 vehicles of different classes. The spectacle includes some nice buggies, trucks and a monstrous bigfoot that are more than brutal – not to mention the extravagant prototypes.
During every race you may win some rating- and upgrade points that will unlock new championships and great upgrades. You can improve your car with three tuning kit variants that are changing the characteristics of your carts but not the optic. Not too bad, especially since the great selection of chassis, bodywork and engine upgrade alternatives is really impressive. Not even Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction can keep up with that!
In addition, all your infernal machines are equipped with a detailed destruction system. If you want to reach the end of any path without damage, you will have to exert yourself. This racing game is always causing extreme situations that you have to cope somehow. Thereby your opponents do not represent the most potential danger. Deadly railway crossings, heavy tankers, lightnings and stormy weathers will make your life a living hell as well.
In essence Insane 2 is an action-heavy, down to the essentials reduced racing game. The motto: Balls to the wall! Turbo! And balls to the wall again!


Putting the hammer down? Yes, but only with the latest MegaTrainer from 2016 made by MegaDev! Only thanks to our codes you may receive infinite much boost. Therefore you will put the pedal to the metal and use your turbo as long and as often as you want. The other exclusive Insane 2 cheats provide you with unspeakably many upgrade points. From now on the engine power, acceleration, grip and traction of your infernal machines is out of proportion with reality! Using our codes you'll race like a madman. And your opponents? Well: by using another cheat You can always freeze the AI so that all enemy carts will stand around motionless. What an infernal fun! One thing is for sure: The latest Insane 2 Trainer from 2016 makes you overcome any challenge – as hellish as they may be!


  • 9 differentiated game modes: Capture the Flag, Jamboree, Gate Hunt, Destruction Zone, Pathfinder, Greed, Return the Flag and Pursuit
  • Breakneck races around the globe in Europe, America, Africa and Antarctica
  • Eventful routes through sand, deserts, snow, ice, beaches and much more
  • More than 150 varied races, championships and cup competitions
  • Deadly railway crossings, heavy tankers, lightnings and storms
  • Great selection of chassis, bodywork and engine upgrades
  • Nice buggies, trucks, bigfoot and extravagant prototypes
  • Colorful row of playful innovations
  • Myriads of extreme situations
  • Detailed destruction system
  • Dynamic weather effects


The action-packed off-road racing game Insane 2 provides alternations over alternations! Sometimes you drive in the light cone of a helicopter, sometimes you collect containers dropping from the sky, sometimes you chase the flag, sometimes you race from checkpoint to checkpoint and sometimes you may lose track and the oncoming truck makes mincemeat out of you. But no problem: After a few seconds your devil carriage will be back on the road fully prepared to start over again. All that matters is that you are willing to take high-risk, perform quick reflexes and put the pedal to the metal nonstop!

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