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10.09.2018 • 13 Codes
Game Profile
Publisher: Toadman Interactive
Developer: Toadman Interactive
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Immortal - Unchained Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
This option prepares the game for other codes. It should be activated first, otherwise the other codes won't work properly!
Bits: +500
Increases the above mentioned points according to the displayed value!
Reset Bits to 0
Resets the previously mentioned attributes back to 0!
Bits: +1,000
Increases the above mentioned points according to the displayed value!
Infinite stamina
With this cheat you get unlimited stamina.
Low clip size
Decreases your maximum number of rounds to the displayed value!
Ammo +100
Increases ammo by the displayed value!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Infinite energy
Provides you with unlimited energy!
Low ammo
Decreases your ammo by the displayed value!
Low health
Massively decreases your maximum health!

Special Hint

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Immortal - Unchained: Ultra Hardcore Action RPG!

You are the ultimate weapon, that’s why you have been locked up for years in the video-game Immortal - Unchained. But when a catastrophic event threatens the entire world, you are released to fight and stop the madness. Master your fighting skills and defeat gigantic and legendary bosses. Our 2018 MegaTrainer accompanies you on your journey through the worlds with exclusive balancing codes!


In the video-game Immortal - Unchained you are a living mighty weapon. For thousands of years, you have been imprisoned by those who fear your power. But a catastrophic event suddenly threatens the entire world. To save the worlds from destruction you are released. On your journey, you will face countless enemies who will show you no mercy. Whoever does not want to kill you, tries to abuse you only for his/her own goal. Immortal - Unchained is a merciless Ultra-Hardcore-Action-RPG - are you up to the challenge? Immortal - Unchained is best described as Souls-like-game, meaning it was inspired by games like Dark Souls 3 or Dark Souls 2 - Scholar of the First Sin.


As 'Unchained' you always have had special and powerful abilities. The end of the world is approaching and your prison guards see you as their only and last hope, hence you are finally released from prison but you have no more memories of your life before. The setting of the video-game Immortal - Unchained is very similar to that of The Surge. The story authors of Immortal - Unchained were also involved in games like Battlefield 1 and The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt. In the battles in Immortal - Unchained you can use not only melee weapons but also firearms like pistols, shotguns etc. The difficulty level of the game is incredibly high and therefore the description Hardcore-RPG definitely fits. After each death, you are respawned at an obelisk and can try again. Besides the regular enemies, you will also face off against gigantic and extremely difficult bosses.


The video game Immortal - Unchained is incredibly difficult. Even an 'Unchained' can use some help from time to time, that's exactly what our 2018 MegaTrainer with exclusive cheats, codes, trainers, game enhancements and balancing codes is for. Our Immortal - Unchained Cheats provide you with more bits and syringes. Is your stamina draining way too fast? No problem just use our unlimited stamina code. You can do the same for your weapons with our No-Reload option. Our Immortal - Unchained Trainer also offers you the ever popular Godmode, which makes you immortal. For everyone who still thinks the game is too easy, try some of our exclusive nightmare and hardcore codes, like low health, less ammo, and a smaller clip-size!


  • 31 unlockable Steam-Achievements
  • Explore a futuristic fantasy world
  • Melee and Ranged Weapons
  • Death is not the end
  • Huge Bossfights
  • Hardcore action


In addition to the PC version on Steam, the video game Immortal - Unchained was also released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in September 2018. The developer and publisher is Studio Toadman Interactive, a video game developer from Sweden.

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