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10.10.2018 • 10 Codes

INSOMNIA - The Ark: A huge space station teeming with secrets!

In the post-apocalyptic-SciFi-RPG-video-game INSOMNIA - The Ark everything revolves around the secrets on a huge space station left behind by an ancient and extinct civilization. The Diesel Punk world is filled with raw materials, rare technologies and tons of NPC which need all your help, as is tradition in any role-playing-video-game. Our exclusive and handmade Balancing-Codes from the 2018 MegaTrainer let you personalize your RPG experience even further.
Game Profile
Publisher: HeroCraft
Developer: Mono Studio
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

INSOMNIA - The Ark Cheats



In the video-game INSOMNIA - The Ark you wake up from cryogenic sleep in Object 6, stricken with a rare psychological disease and unaware of being mankind's last hope. Object 6 is a retro-futuristic space station on which mankind has been on a journey to a new planet, in search of a new home, for over 400 years. Uncover secrets and discover the truth behind the mysterious journey and the ghostly evacuation point. Keep an eye out for valuable technologies and resources. Stay alert - the game world of INSOMNIA - The Ark offers unforeseen missions of deceptive characters as well as brutal enemies and deadly dangers. Hunger, thirst, tiredness and a gloomy environment are your constant companions on this journey.


The video-game INSOMNIA - The Ark sticks out with its unique gameplay in a carefully constructed universe inspired by old-school RPGs. In the video-game INSOMNIA - The Ark you don't have the choice of different character classes, but you have a flexible perk system, combined with a large number of producible equipment items. Each weapon and armor gives you different tactical advantages and disadvantages. INSOMNIA - The Ark offers a non-linear storyline. Your story changes depending on which people you talk to, whose tasks you complete, or which characters you kill. Experience a retro-futuristic noir graphic with dieselpunk elements, dark noir jazz soundtracks and the reverberation of a decayed civilization while exploring the game world of INSOMNIA - The Ark.


Unfortunately, I have to tell you that the INSOMNIA - The Ark Trainer cannot bring you new underpants. Nevertheless, in the post-apocalyptic horror-video-game you will get some help of the INSOMNIA - The Ark Trainer with 7 life-saving INSOMNIA - The Ark Cheats. With our XP cheat your character gets more experience points and with the item cheat you increase the number of your selected items, or set them to the maximum. Our endurance cheat offers you infinite endurance and with the durability cheat, you set the durability of your weapons to infinite. The godmode saves you from dying while exploring the dark and mysterious world of INSOMNIA - The Ark


  • Stunningly beautiful graphics and matching gloomy soundtracks
  • 30 unlockable Steam-Achievements
  • Real-Time Strategic Combat
  • Exploring a post-apocalypse
  • Retro-Futuristic RPG
  • Non-linear storyline
  • Psychogenic horror


The half Russian half American video-game-developer Mono Studio, in collaboration with the Russian publisher HeroCraft, released the retro sci-fi RPG video-game INSOMNIA - The Ark. INSOMNIA - The Ark is Mono Studio's first video-game, while HeroCraft has released numerous mobile and PC games, including the video-game Tempest. The video-game INSOMNIA - The Ark was released on September 27, 2018 on Steam for Microsoft Windows.

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