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01.05.2012 • 11 Codes

Highlands: Hard to master!

The developers of the small but innovative Burrito Studio praise Highlands as an extraordinary turn-based strategy experience in which the player's decisions alone decide the outcome of the story: Either you're going to die in exile or you smash your enemies and leave this adventure as a winner! Our cheats will help you out. Only these will equip your character with maximum lives and any amount of experience...
Game Profile
Publisher: Burrito Studio
Developer: Burrito Studio
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Highlands Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
+100 Leadership
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+100 Food
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+100 Scrap
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
Heal character
Using this Cheat, you are able to heal yourself!
+10 Experience for character
Increases your experience according to the displayed level!
Auto-heal for characters
Using this Cheat, you are able to heal yourself!
+5 max. health
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+5 Leadership
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+5 Academic
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+5 Mechanic
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!

Special Hint

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Highlands was released in April 2015 and this unique game was exclusively published for Windows PCs. The owner of the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation (PS3, PS4, Vita), Wii or Nintendo 3DS are therefore forced to enjoy this video game on their computer. Your task will be to set up a powerful army in order to retake all the territories that rightfully belong to your family. This means in plain language: you have to capture hostile territories piece by piece and open up new production areas in order to improve the abilities of your individual characters and your army. Every battle and the entire resource management are solely based on your decisions.


However, the search for resources and their management is the key to success. That's not uncommon for games of this type! Much more uncommon, by contrast, are the exciting plot and the many tumultuous scenes you will encounter during your incredible journey. A healthy dose of action may well be part of many other games, too, but Highlands defines the genre new! What is new, on the other hand, is quite simple: The history of this brilliant RPG and adventure game is wonderfully detailed. You will have to learn a lot of things if you want to understand your characters and their behaviors properly. The fights are excellently staged. Great care must be taken that you won't lose all of your resources with every lost battle. Sometimes you even have to sacrifice a whole army-and you mustn’t lose sight of the big picture at all costs. As it was mentioned before: This great game of 2015 is easy to learn but indeed hard to master!


Users have wished for unique codes and they got the download. Hopefully you already know the policy of MegaDev: We always attach great importance to your post in the forum on our home page! Only then can we enrich our FAQ by the one or the other important topic and offer exactly the things you wished for. On our Facebook page you may convince yourself how the cheats of our trainers work. Concerning this RPG, for example, our MegaTrainer provides an unlimited number of resources such as food, scrap and leadership! Our other Highlands cheats equip your character with max. lives and any amount of experience. In addition, you heal your characters at any time and improve their genuine abilities! Get evolved, get our download and become a star! Feel free and help yourself with the Highlands Trainer: Mastery will be made easily!


  • The player's decisions affect the outcome of the story
  • Extraordinary turn-based strategy and fantasy
  • Great graphics thanks to the latest engine
  • Recruitment of very powerful armies
  • A very unique resource management
  • Entertaining steam achievements
  • Stunning developable characters
  • Grand and spectacular final
  • Best RPG 2015


Since its release in 2015 all tests reduce this spectacle to a common denominator: This game is easy to learn but very hard to master. And indeed, there are not many video games on the market that offer such complex and versatile options for action. You can simply get a solid overview of the many possibilities and opinions by watching one of the many videos on YouTube. There are several walkthroughs that display impressively how profound and varied this unique spectacle really is. In addition, there are numerous test reports and reviews that provide detailed answers to every conceivable question. These articles contain a lot of important news and offer useful tips and solutions that put a very new complexion on the mechanics of the gameplay…
The story and the in-game world of Highlands is truly unique. Impersonating a scion of a royal family you're about to embark on an unimaginable journey that will guide you from one flying island to the next. The home of your venerable family was taken from an enemy army. Quite clear that you and your heroes can't accept such a crime: Therefore you will level up your brave characters and defeat one opponent after another. Each level and every mission comes up with specific objectives that are partly extremely wild. But most of the times the gameplay is about reclaiming areas on the map and blowing hundreds of enemies into nirvana. Overall, you can control four individual characters. The warrior is your murdering henchman. The mechanic can reinforce territories and craft a number of useful items. The leader manages your resources like magic. The academics, however, can heal wounded warriors, but, of course, only in exchange for resources…

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