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08.06.2016 • 13 Codes
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Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Paradox Development Studio
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Hearts of Iron IV Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
+20 Military factories
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+20 Marine factories
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+20 Civil factories
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+50 Political power
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+50 Army experience
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+50 Naval experience
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+50 Airforce experience
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+10 Command power
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
Instant research (on select research)
Buildings get built immediately, technologies get developped immediately, without any waiting times!
Clear country threats
This code mends diplomatic relations!
Mega-Manpower (on mouse over manpower)
By this code you will have much more soldiers!
Instant construction (on place construction)
Buildings will be build and finished instantly!

Special Hint

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Hearts of Iron IV: tactics and strategy that may change the course of world history!

The brand-new grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV from 2016 makes you engage as state power in the Second World War and change the course of history. Your superiority is expressed primarily by your ability to lead your nation properly. This video game allows you to send any nation into this great World War and provide the most compelling conflict in world history with a new coat of whitewash. Therefore, the cheats of our MegaTrainer will empower your factories, political influence, soldiers and armies tremendously!


Hearts of Iron IV was published on 06. 06. 2016 on Steam, precisely on that day, on which D-Day has celebrated its 72nd anniversary. This historic turning point in the history of World War II was chosen very appropriately to celebrate the release of the fourth part of the historical grand strategy games series. After all, Hearts of Iron IV proposes the question: What if?
And no epoch of world history leaves such a large room for speculations as Second World War. The video game Hearts of Iron IV provides you with at least virtual answers given to many burning questions: What if the Americans had intervened much earlier in Europe? What if Hitler had not attacked the Soviet Union? What if the Allies had lost the battle of D-Day in Normandy? What if the Japanese had never attacked Pearl Harbor? And what if France had become communist before the Second World War?
Questions over questions: The brand new Hearts of Iron IV from 2016 provides the answers. This global strategy game from the house of Paradox makes you engage in the historical events from 1936 or 1939. From that point on you will lead any historical nation in order to alter the course of history according to its interests. It will be exciting to see what comes out of that...


The portraits of historical generals like Montgomery, Rommel, MacArthur and Zhukov are already visible on the cover of the game. This should be mentioned because you need to know that Hearts of Iron IV promotes a proper historical accuracy. All places, events and people are not based on fiction but are staged historically authentic.
The gameplay is typical of Paradox games such as Europa Universalis IV or Crusader Kings 2. You do not control individual soldiers, but you command whole combat units and move your mighty armies over a colossal world map. But warfare is not the only thing that counts here. Enforcing diplomacy, weapons research and peace conferences require your attention as well.
The way of your government – be it fascism, nazism, social democracy or constitutional monarchy – affects totally your entire domestic and foreign policy. It is up to you whether you prefer an open diplomacy or clandestine espionage. One thing is certain: All battles and skirmishes are taking place on a two-dimensional map. Dozens of infantry units, armored divisions and militiamen will bounce against each other there.
The output of each battle will be automatically calculated based on various parameters such as manpower and number of your accompanying soldiers. But also external factors such as weather and terrain will be taken into account. That provides this global strategy game with a magnificent tactical touch that is so often missing elsewhere. But not here: Featuring a refreshing dose of tactics and strategy you are on the verge of rewriting the course of world history!


You only need to use our cheats, then you will succeed in almost everything. This latest and brand new MegaTrainer from 2016 equips you with various codes for all your factories. That means in plain text: All your military factories, civilian manufactories and shipyards may never rest and produce everything you need for pursuing an elegant warfare. The other Hearts of Iron IV cheats make sure that you have sufficient political power. Thus, you can always change your form of government and get much more leeway while dancing on the parquet of domestic and foreign policy! Actually, there's only one thing missing: Therefore, a final code empowers you to increase the number of your soldiers at any time. The calculation is simple: The more troops you have, the more battles you'll win! Well, suffice is to say: Playing along with the latest Hearts of Iron IV Trainer from 2016 your nation will rewrite history totally to its favor!


  • Any historical nation may change the course of history
  • Automatic calculation of battles out of various factors
  • Command of whole combat units and massive armies
  • Diplomacy, weapons research and peace conferences
  • Dozens of infantry, armored divisions and militiamen
  • Great resonance chamber for daring speculations
  • Refreshing portion of tactics and strategy
  • Colossal, two-dimensional world map
  • High degree of historical accuracy


As far as the global strategy game Hearts of Iron IV is concerned: Just in time for the release on June 6, 2016 especially the German fans of the games series experienced a little disappointment. For them there is no specific, free DLC package that retrofits the icons and portraits of the Third Reich. The images of the German Nazi leaders and some generals of the Wehrmacht can only be seen when playing the international edition of the game. Some badges have been removed, some sounds and graphics of certain events have been altered. Photos from the Führer were removed entirely. The Swedish publisher Paradox explains the decision that they have only respected German laws, even if the conversion meant more work for the developers. Therefore, Paradox is hardly to blame for that. Rather, this incident raises another question: Isn't it high time of issuing an amendment that awards the status of being “art” finally to computer games, too? As it already is granted for music, film and theater, such an amendment of law will make any censorship obsolete!

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