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The Guild Gold Edition: The future lies in your hands!

The video game The Guild Gold Edition was developed by 4HEAD Studios and distributed by Nordic Games. This brilliant strategy game stages a journey back to Europe around 1400. The late Middle Ages is dominated by rising merchant families. You will soon become one of them. But before the time comes the cheats of our MegaTrainer will help you to build up an enormous trading empire unlike anything the world has ever seen...
Game Profile
Publisher: Nordic Games
Developer: 4HEAD Studios
Release Year: 2002
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Guild Gold Edition Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Num 1
Prepare for gold
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
Num 2
+1,000 Gold
This cheat increases your gold, according to the displayed value!

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The new video game The Guild Gold Edition is basically a mixture of simulation and strategy game. The world around 1400 is a difficult time for Europe. The influence of church dwindles increasingly, in Avignon an anti-pope is elected and in France the 100-years war is raging. But the years 1400-1500 are also the time of the ascending trading houses. The dealers emancipate themselves successively from hierarchical structures and clerical traditions. Little by little the traders gain great riches and therefore they gain more and more political influence.
Just one of those stories that might have happened the one way or the other in Europe around 1400 is told by The Guild Gold Edition. You start your adventure as a 13-year old boy who is about to leave his parents' house in the country forever. Finally, you want to learn a profession in one of the neighboring cities and set up your own trading company.
The strategy game leaves most of the choices to you: Each city presents its own difficulties. Which one do you want to conquer? Choosing your parents determines the conditions of which jobs you can take. Finally, you select one of the activities that were common for Europe around 1400.
Now the adventure really begins: From now on you build up your company and hire many worker and loyal guards to protect your goods. One thing must be clear to you: The competition never sleeps and they will fight your enterprise with every dirty trick in the book...


The gameplay in the new video game The Guild Gold Edition looks something like this: The cities in Europe around 1400 are not only marked by distinguished department stores and family farms. Epidemics, diseases, thieves and highwaymen are commonplace in every major city. You can choose if you want to go an honest or a dodgy way.
Throughout the adventure you can attain certain offices and titles, participate in political intrigues and sneak out positions in the city administration. The choice is yours.
Especially gaining titles is very important. Each additional title makes it possible to increase your business, but not only that: The higher your reputation is, the more influence you have in the city. That means in plain text that it becomes possible for you to execute sabotage, espionage or even blackmail actions. Whoever has earned enough prestige can go to court and compromise his competitors.
A mixture of good-cop- and bad-cop behavior is the underlying game principle of The Guild Gold Edition: You bribe people with either money or sympathy. You can kidnap members of warring guilds or conclude lucrative trade agreements and alliances with them. What this means for the replay value is obvious. The new simulation game The Guild Gold Edition provides tons of scenarios and options for action. Each walkthrough is therefore unique!


And no matter what profession you choose, we support you either way. No matter if you choose to be a blacksmith, thief, master carpenter, mason, alchemist, preachers, tailors, carpenters, perfumer, host or even caretaker, either way you get as much money as you want. The The Guild Gold Edition cheats make you literally wallow in luxury. After all, you are managing the house of your guild. All improvements and enhancements do naturally cost some money that you now have in abundance. As mentioned already: The new The Guild Gold Edition Trainer helps you to build an enormous trading empire unlike anything the world has ever seen.


  • Nice collaboration between 4HEAD studios and Nordic Games
  • Many different cities with their own levels of difficulty
  • Tons of different scenarios and options for action
  • News over news and videos over videos online
  • Epidemics, diseases, thieves and highwaymen
  • Sabotage, espionage or blackmail actions
  • Spectacular journey to Europe in 1400
  • Extremely high replay value
  • Atmospheric soundtrack
  • Beautiful graphics


The new video game The Guild Gold Edition of 4HEAD studios and Nordic Games is really special. It is by far the best economic simulation of the Middle Ages and thus authentic and historically accurate. But not only that: The Guild Gold Edition even offers the possibility of rewriting the history of this impressive period from scratch. You build your own trading empire, browse the vast expanses of the world and even make it possible that the competing religions will act in concert. The future lies in your hands!

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