Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams Trainer

01.05.2012 • 5 Codes

Giana Sisters – Twisted Dreams

Usually sisters are inseparable – usually. But what happens, if they get separated from each other and enter different worlds? Well, that’s the beginning of a twisted adventure! Giana Sisters – Twisted Dreams is the experience of two sisters, who are tossed into two different dream worlds, each with the equivalent of her character. Spectacular graphics and a lot of attention to detail invites you to muddle a way through the nightmare of the particular Giana. Even though they are captured in different worlds, the sisters have to work together as a team. Because the sisters are not only different in appearance, but also in their skills Giana Sisters – Twisted Dreams requires an advanced level of agility and fast reactivity. “Punk Giana’s” Hammer kick clears the path from obstacles, while “Cute Giana” overcomes big distances with her whirlwind. Only you and your skills and strategic thinking can disable the mean traps in Giana Sisters – Twisted Dreams. And always keep in mind to rescue the sisters from their dreams, you have to rule and master both worlds. The fast, crazy, twisted and superb Jump’n’Run takes you through 23 levels in 3 worlds with demanding puzzles and even more demanding boss-monsters. Be prepared – Giana Sisters – Twisted Dreams will warp your world!


  • Colourful 3D-graphics and a lot of details
  • Interaction of two worlds
  • Suitable soundtrack for each world – Heavy Metal vs. Dreamy Sounds
  • Epic Endbattles
  • Hardcore and over-Hardcore mode

Overcome every nightmare with the Giana Sisters – Twisted Dreams Trainer

The task of reaching the Godmode in Giana Sisters – Twisted Dreams is really not easy. You need a lot of agility, reactivity and patience to get it. But with the MegaTrainer that’s really no problem anymore! It even helps you finding the much sought-after diamonds. See – the Giana Sisters – Twisted Dreams Trainer allows you to come through every nightmare.



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Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams Cheats

Special Hint

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  • On most systems it's necessary to activate the cheats inside the trainer-window (Alt+Tab from game to trainer), because the game is blocking the trainer-hotkeys!

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