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01.05.2012 • 37 Codes

Galactic Civilizations 3: How to rule the galaxy!

Together with Sid Meier's Starships the brilliant newcomer Galactic Civilizations 3 can be considered as one of the most vast space strategy games of all time. The player starts this great adventure of Galactic Civilizations 3 with a single world and henceforth he is going to expand his intergalactic influence by peaceful or martial means. The player chooses the way he wants to conquer and rule the galaxy.
Game Profile
Publisher: Stardock Entertainment
Developer: Stardock Entertainment
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Galactic Civilizations 3 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
+10.000 money
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
+50 ideology points: Benevolent
This Cheat increases the desired ideology points!
+50 ideology points: Pragmatic
This Cheat increases the desired ideology points!
+50 ideology points: Malevolent
This Cheat increases the desired ideology points!
+1 available trait point
Increases the amount of Trait and Skill points.
+1 available ability point
Increases the amount of Trait and Skill points.
+10 Administration capacity
Increases resources!
Current ship: 9 population
Changes the population for your current ship!
Current ship: 99 population
Changes the population for your current ship!
Current ship: 0 population
Changes the population for your current ship!
+5 Arnor spice
Increases resources!
+5 Epimetheus pollen
Increases resources!
+5 Helios Ore
Increases resources!
+5 Thulium catalyst
Increases resources!
+5 Techapod hive
Increases resources!
+5 Artocarpus viriles
Increases resources!
+5 Monosatium deposit
Increases resources!
+5 Crystallized elerium
Increases resources!
+5 Xanthium deposit
Increases resources!
+5 Aurorus arboretum
Increases resources!
+5 Prometheus stone
Increases resources!
+5 Hyper silicates
Increases resources!
+5 Precursor nanites
Increases resources!
+5 Harmony crystals
Increases resources!
+5 Snuggler colony
Increases resources!
Current ship: 1 hit point
Changes the hit points for your current ship!
Automatic ship-healing
Activates autorepair/auto-healing for your ship!
+5,000 research points
Increases your Research-points!
Infinite movement
Unlimited movement for all units!

Special Hint

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  • All Galactic Civilizations 3 cheats work for the human player only, even if they're active after end of turn.



Anyone, who operates a skillful diplomacy and promotes lucrative trades, can achieve a great deal, concerning Galactic Civilizations 3. But of course all the alien races can also be subjected. Even the most devious aliens will stay powerless against the cultural hegemony or military superiority of one great civilization… However, regarding your technological advancements, it may be very helpful to renounce war and instead to push trade forward. If you build up friendly relations with other alien races, then you get in the advantageous position to conclude favorable transactions. For example, you can exchange your money or other resources to the technologies of all well-meaning people, technologies that you have not been explored yet, or that you simply can't develop by yourself. But be careful: The greater your war fleet becomes, the more suspicious your so-called friends will get. You have to watch out: Speaking of Galactic Civilizations 3, it is not uncommon that a faction suddenly changes their peaceful or warlike orientation. That even applies to your own behavior. You have to adapt your strategy according to the current conditions. For the war lurks already behind the next solar system!


Frankly speaking: War is before your doorstep! At the beginning of the extensive campaign of Galactic Civilizations 3 you take on the leadership of the Terran Alliance! The earthlings have succeeded to stand up to the dark Dreadlords for 10 years now. But her shield runs weak and the blue planet seems doomed! Eventually, though, no one expected your sudden appearance! First you construct the necessary factories, research institutes, consulates and markets on your new home planet. Then you urgently need a shipyard for your people to stay mobile and resistant. In other words, you build up colony ships, so that your people are not caught on their planet when things go bad. You will also need construction fleets to go for extraterrestrial resources, and of course you need warships to defense and attack other races or space pirates! And of course you need carriers! These special ships carry your soldiers and are indispensable to run a successful invasion! Because no matter, with which ideology your race follows, gigantic space battles remain inevitably, concerning the game-play of Galactic Civilizations 3. In principle, there are three basic sentiments that you can gradually expand: benevolent, pragmatic or malevolent. The fundamental ideologies take a strong influence on the military and diplomatic skills of your people! The same can be said about the four key areas of research, which determine the technologies you will develop. Colonization is for better buildings and facilities on your planet. The Engineering accelerates the development of better fleets, which accomplish the transportation and resource extraction. The research field Policy increases the satisfaction of your population and improves the interaction with other peoples. The warfare develops new weapons and shields for your military fleet! The research of new weapons is of central importance, particularly because you can design and modify all the vessels of Galactic Civilizations 3 all by yourself. Doing this, you get the possibility to construct destructive warships according to your own ideas. No matter how you are going to rule the galaxy: You have to defend it either way!


How to rule a galaxy? With our MegaTrainer of course! Why? First of all, our Cheats provide you with any amount of money, ideology, influence and trade -points, in order to enhance your skills in these areas. In addition, your warships get the Godmode and they can move arbitrarily far without any restrictions. But not only that: Also, the development of your ships and of your researches becomes extremely accelerated. But the best for last: You get infinite parts during the shipbuilding. This means: You can equip your warships with as many weapons and shields as you like: Now even small flotillas are going to fire off fireworks that defies any description. Try it: Use the Galactic Civilizations 3 Trainer and you will rule, indeed!


  • Epic campaign full of exciting and great challenges
  • Myriads of weapons, buildings and developments
  • Huge in-game-world with great surprises
  • Countless races, planets and systems
  • Individual modification of all ships
  • Innovative diplomatic skills
  • Unique dialog system
  • Existential ideologies
  • Spectacular graphics

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