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01.05.2012 • 3 Codes

Football Manager 2012: Complex, diverse and just wonderful!

The Football Manager 2012 surprises its fans by featuring some glaring changes and improvements. The possibilities on the transfer market and at the scouting process were extended. All reports, tables and statistics are more detailed than ever before. In addition, the graphical improvements, the brilliant animations and the new stadiums create a comfortable atmosphere.
Game Profile
Publisher: Sega
Release Year: 2011
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Football Manager 2012 Cheats

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Budgets: Activate this cheat and change to the "Boardroom" => "Overview" menu: Cheat works immediately!
The change becomes visible next time you open up the menu!
In general: You have deactivate all cheats before you finish the day! (that is: when you click on continue at the top!)
Budgets: Activate this cheat and change to the "Boardroom" => "Overview" menu: Cheat works immediately!
The change becomes visible next time you open up the menu!
In general: You have deactivate all cheats before you finish the day! (that is: when you click on continue at the top!)
Club-Money: Enable cheat and switch to the "boardroom" => "Finances" menu: The cheat works immediately!
The change becomes visible at the next time you open the menu!
In general: You have to deactivate all cheats before you finish the day! (that is: when you click on continue at the top!)

Special Hint

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  • All Football Manager 2012 cheats should be disabled before you end the day to prevent effects for the AI.



The English Football Manager 2012 from Sports Interactive is one of the best-selling coach simulations worldwide. The predecessor Football Manager 2011 already taught us how complex and varied the life of a football coach may be. The main focus of the Football Manager 2012 are its reports, tables and statistics: By reading them meticulously you may lead your team to victory. Primary this grandiose simulation is all about leading a team to success. A shrewd football coach understands how to organize effective training plans, to present unbeatable tactics on the field, and especially to deal with his players. The motivation of your professionals is closely linked to their performance on the square! Regarding the economy of your club you have no final say in financial matters. At least you will have to come to terms with the supervisory board if you want to lay out some money! But if the board is not convinced that a player transfer or other costs really are necessary, there is nothing that can be done!


But what the heck: You just have to win the next games and you certainly will win the favour of your superiors! Et voilà: Suddenly money is available again! The matches of the Football Manager 2012 are staged very brilliantly. The cheering crowds, the animations in the square and the numerous perspectives create a unique football atmosphere: You will share the thrill of every single game, that’s for sure! When the last match of the season will decide on all or nothing, the drama and tension on the field will go sky high. As a coach, you will exactly see how your tactics come into play and how your instructions are implemented by your players. Every victory of your team is thus a very personal victory of yourself and your labours! This is not only motivating but also hellishly challenging! But not only training, tactics and line-up will decide over victory and defeat! As a virtual coach you have to hold many conversations. Regarding the dialogue system of the Football Manager 2012, the game shows a nice depth and offers a varied range of choices. Thus you should always talk to your players and of course hold motivational speeches before and during the game. The emotional nuances might influence the reaction of the team and of some individual players. Depending on the situation it may be appropriate to speak in an aggressive, euphoric, calming or even cautious tone. But beware: Whoever snubs his players-and this also applies to various statements given to the press-must reckon with adverse effects on the field. Nevertheless the training, tactics, line-up and transfer are the very keys to succeed with the Football Manager 2012. Whoever considers the scout reports, intensifies the training, modifies its content, issues individual instructions and as a result emerges a wise tactical line-up will lead his team to victory! That's the beauty of Football Manager 2012: The offered complexity and the desired diversity! Bravo!


Exactly! Because our MegaTrainer makes you increase the money for your club up to one billion and even more. Thus it might please you even more to hear that the other Football Manager 2012 cheats ensure that the transfer- and salary budget will be increased at will as well! How wonderful your life as a coach may become now! Immediately you'll never have to get annoyed at the avarice of the board which only stands in the way of your creative plans. From now on you may purchase each player on the transfer market. The management board will be flabbergasted by the meteoric success of your team! Thanks to the Football Manager 2012 Trainer any money worries are snows of yesteryear now!


  • Vast opportunities on the transfer market and at the scouting
  • Complex, varied and exciting life of a football coach
  • One of the best-selling simulations worldwide
  • Deep dialogue system including many options
  • Training plans, contracts and press-work
  • Very detailed reports, tables and statistics
  • Many modifications and improvements
  • Authentic animated football atmosphere
  • Wonderful graphics and animations

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