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01.05.2012 • 4 Codes

Football Manager 2011: Your training, your team, your victory!

The Football Manager 2011 creates a unique simulation where the player relives the life of a real soccer coach. Good agreements with the pros have to be negotiated in real time, promising training plans have to be organized. Also, an ongoing dialogue with the players, the staff and the board has to be maintained.
Game Profile
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sports Interactive
Release Year: 2010
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Football Manager 2011 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Budgets: Activate this cheat and change to the "Boardroom" => "Overview" menu: Cheat works immediately!
The change becomes visible next time you open up the menu!
In general: You have deactivate all cheats before you finish the day! (that is: when you click on continue at the top!)
Budgets: Activate this cheat and change to the "Boardroom" => "Overview" menu: Cheat works immediately!
The change becomes visible next time you open up the menu!
In general: You have deactivate all cheats before you finish the day! (that is: when you click on continue at the top!)
Club-Money: Enable cheat and switch to the "boardroom" => "Finances" menu: The cheat works immediately!
The change becomes visible at the next time you open the menu!
In general: You have to deactivate all cheats before you finish the day! (that is: when you click on continue at the top!)
Maximum Player Attributes
Player attributes: Enable cheat and choose the desired player in details screen view: All attributes immediately jump to 20 (thats the maximum)!
Beware: The game reduces the cheated values with time!!

Special Hint

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  • All Football Manager 2011 cheats should be disabled before you end the day to prevent effects for the AI.



Football Manager 2011 is the latest version of the brilliant predecessor Football Manager 2010 and of the award-winning Football Manager series. The incredible sale of 6 million copies worldwide speaks volumes, indeed: By launching the Football Manager 2011, the diligent development team of Sports Interactive from the English capital London has proven once again that they are made of stern stuff! The recipe for success of the series is well known: The focus of the gameplay is solely limited to the work area of a football coach. But precisely therein lies the special attraction of this unique simulation: Who knows, knows: As a coach you are up to your ears with work! The menu, however, is very user friendly and you may quickly learn where decisions are made and preferences are set. The Football Manager 2011 provides you with innumerable texts, statistics and tables that will assist you during your decision process. Whenever your team achieves victory, you are about to enjoy an intensive football experience!


First you choose one League and the one team that you are particularly fond of. Maybe you will manage it to break all records and to become the most notorious coach of all times. But until then, there is a lot of work to do in the Football Manager 2011. Together with your co-trainer and your scout, you will analyse a lot of relevant data. You have to think about which players can be optimized by which training methods. Therefore you must organize sophisticated training plans and play one or two friendly matches to test your tactics. Then you hopefully will achieve victory, when the first game of the season dawns! Maybe you prefer to purchase one or two new players. Unfortunately, you have no final say in this matter. The supervisory board made it very clear: You will only get a new budget if you sell some old players as lucratively as possible. Therefore your team needs to achieve some victories first! These and many other discussions will soon set the agenda. The dialogues and discussions with the management board, the assistant coaches, the press and, of course, with the individual players are well structured, reflect an immense depth and include a wide range of possible choices. As a coach, it is particularly important to encourage the morale of your players and to maintain it at any cost. If parts of the team become unhappy with your leadership, you absolutely have to pay the bill on the field. Especially after lost games you have to behave reserved. Now you have to give multiple-choice press conferences, cliché-soaked motivation speeches and many more individual talks. But if you behave peaceable and patient, the current table situation will abruptly change in your favour! Nevertheless: The formation of your team and your tactics will also always contribute to your achievements. Solid training, honest player team-talks and a tactical formation are the key to every success! The nice thing about the Football Manager 2011 is: As soon as the brutal tackles, the filigree dribbling and the sugary passing starts off for the first time on your screen, you are immediately on fire: After all, you will witness the fruits of your labour, of your training, of your team and finally of your victory!


By activating our cheats the intensive football experience goes into the next round. Thanks to our MegaTrainer you can arbitrarily improve the attributes of your players. Thus your professionals become better and more efficient: What a sight on the field! In addition, our other Football Manager 2011 cheats provide you with as much club money, transfer- and salary budget as possible. Thus there is no single professional worldwide that you can’t buy for your team! This makes your team almost unbeatable. The Football Manager 2011 Trainer inspires your series of successes like nothing else! Have fun with it!


  • New animations and stadiums, improved emotions and textures
  • Dialogues including an immense depth and multiple choices
  • Scion of the award-winning Football Manager series
  • Sale of 6 million copies worldwide
  • Challenging contract negotiations
  • Daily life of a football coach
  • Multifaceted activities
  • Nice graphics

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