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Football Manager 2010: A game for coaches!

The Football Manager 2010 should not be confused with FIFA Manager 10. Keywords: Other development studio, other game principles, other qualities! The focus of Football Manager 2010 solely lies on the existence of being a coach and that’s all of it! There are no possibilities to influence the stadium expansion, merchandise, advertising revenue, club property, etc. Even the transfers of the players have to be approved by the supervisory board of the association, first.
Game Profile
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sports Interactive
Release Year: 2009
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Football Manager 2010 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
The Money-Cheat can be activated in any menu. After it switch to the overview "Board" (left bottom menu between "Club" and "Finances") for the cheat to be activated and to change the amount.
The Money-Cheat can be activated in any menu. After it switch to the overview "Board" (left bottom menu between "Club" and "Finances") for the cheat to be activated and to change the amount.
The Money-Cheat can be activated in any menu. After it switch to the overview "Board" (left bottom menu between "Club" and "Finances") for the cheat to be activated and to change the amount.
Maximum Player Attributes
Use only in the Squad menu and deactivate after that! This cheat provides your whole team with full morale, fitness and condition.

Special Hint

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  • All cheats should be disabled before you end the day to prevent effects for the AI.



The offensive distinctions to the competitive FIFA Manager-games are obvious now. But whoever invests some time, will have to admit that the sovereign focus on being a coach, which is the hallmark of Football Manager 2010, really pays off! The player impersonates the coach during all events of Football Manager 2010. If things do not run smoothly, you have three guesses, on whom to put the blame for it: The coach, indeed... Who is responsible for ensuring that the team plays successfully? The coach! Who will be dismissed, if the required and agreed objectives of the association are not achieved? The coach! And who is responsible for ensuring that there is enough money in the treasury of the club? The coach! Without money no players can finally be transferred. But every team needs reinforcement from time to time. Although the Football Manager 2010 does not offer the same licenses as its competitors, the players and clubs can still be found under their real names. The club crest and the name of the competitions were not allowed to be copied from its original, though. But what the heck: Instead of the Champions League you play the Champions Cup. And if you enter the German First Division, you will know that you have entered the Bundesliga.


The information that is provided is exceptionally versatile. You should make use of it: The Football Manager 2010 features a myriad of statistics, which should at least be skimmed. Him, who reads out the right information and analyses it, will go out and win the match. That's exactly what the board requests from you. The board determines your budget with which you have to household somehow. In an emergency, you can demand additional funds, but you have to keep in mind that the atmosphere in the club may tilt very quickly – not different than in real life! But who leads his team to success, has a job with a steady wage – also not different than in real life! But success is granted only to those trainers, who really work hard for it – again no different than in real life! Being a team leader of the Football Manager 2010, you eagerly search the transfer market, create training plans, coordinate the team's formation, work on the tactics, distribute roles to your players and lead discussions with your team and if necessary also with individual players. In addition of defining the tactics, the defensive and offensive behaviour of your team, you can specifically train individual players. Midfielders should be best specialized to direct free kicks, whereas the defenders should be trimmed to place the corners well. The moral of the individual professionals incidentally plays a major role and takes a strong influence on their behaviour on the playground. Therefore, you should carefully consider what answers you give at the press conferences. Whoever snubs his players, gets the receipt on the court. But beware: You should never pray your players to the skies without any justification - see statistics -, because that won’t pay off. The AI players are aware of their skills and their success! Anyway: The Football Manager 2010 provides many little details, in order to install an authentic football experience. You will share the thrill when a goal is scored, you will rail against the referee when he makes an obvious mistake and you will cry your eyes out when the wonderfully performed free kick just hits the bar or when the perfect corner is blocked by the defenders. Still, it was never so beautiful to be a soccer coach!


You heard right! Only with us you get a coach, who improves your skills as a football coach quite well! Activating the Football Manager 2010 cheats of our MegaTrainer, you will receive any amount of money, transfer budget and salary budget. Now your coach literally wallows in money and thus he can buy any player he wants to have in his team! Imagine, how strong your team may become now!! But it gets even better: Another cheat enhances you to upgrade the attributes of your players. Now your team features not only the most famous but also the most talented soccer players, who have ever seen the world! As it was said: The Football Manager 2010 Trainer gets your coach and your team down pat! This is a trainer worthy for a coach!


  • Morale of the players has a great effect
  • Pronounced authentic football experience
  • Being a coach as authentic as possible
  • All players and clubs in the original
  • Extensive tactical possibilities
  • Versatile range of information
  • Very detailed statistics
  • Wonderful graphics

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