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01.05.2012 • 9 Codes

Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction: It couldn’t be any wilder!

Three years after the launch of Flatout - Ultimate Carnage Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction now sees the light of day and one might assume it to be a designated successor. But beware: The comparison between the two games is lagging! Not that one of them would be better or worse, no! Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction stages the glory of the well-known destruction racing series simply differently and more extreme!
Game Profile
Publisher: Strategy First
Developer: Team 6 Studios
Release Year: 2011
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheat
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
Infinite Nitro
Provides you with unlimited nitro!
Race-timer +5 seconds
These Cheats affect the lap time in your favor!
Race-timer -5 seconds
These Cheats affect the lap time in your favor!
Car godmode
By this cheat you can make your car indestructible, because it will get max health all the time.
Opponent max 1st gear
These cheats empower you to manipulate the gears of your opponents at will!
Opponent no gear
These cheats empower you to manipulate the gears of your opponents at will!
One-Hit-Kill Opponents
By the godmode your car becomes indestructible, because it will be repaired before each collision.

If you activate the option with additional one-hit-kill (OHK), other cars will be destroyed on first collision (no matter if wall, barrier or other cars). But in this case you won't earn the destruction for your statistic, even if you ramming/destroying the opponent!
Instant-Kill Opponents
All enemies will blow up immediately!

Special Hint

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  • All Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction cheats work for the human player only.



By playing through several game modes and by driving with more than 47 different vehicles you will crash, destroy and overtake monster trucks, race cars, off-road vehicle, and many other vehicles on very fiendish racing-tracks. Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction indeed provides a lot of madness: Each track contains over 20,000 destructible objects. Chaos, destruction and the purest anarchy are reigning this very game! You can say what you want: Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction definitely is the wildest racing game of the year!
The action-intensive racing game Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction provides its players with tough duels in a fully destructible environment. The more you bulldoze, the more you sow chaos and the more you spread destruction, the very more the game rewards you with insane upgrades and brand new devil machines. This time the motivating career of Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction comes in the guise of a so-called Challenge Mode: Thus you fight your way through more than 50 daring challenges. The claim comes not too short: Only those who meet every task perfectly may advance to the next level. This means in plain text: You have to achieve first place at all races and to achieve the maximum score in all stunts.


That should be enough motivation to make yourself familiar with the ingenious physics of Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction! The quality of the riding pleasure generates itself very authentically: Your infernal machines react sensitively to every of your commands. The faster you accelerate your racer, the more the environment become blurred. This is a brilliant graphical effect that provides a very credible speed sensation! Whoever gets fast enough may tear down whole steel scaffolds. Even in the sand your racers can drive with top speeds and vigorously swirl up dust! The extensive tuning options allow you to make your car either more agile or more powerful. You should only avoid water contact. The fine electronics of your high-speed carts won’t tolerate that...
Your opponents have nothing else in mind than to take you off the track. The AI of Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction is very aggressive and very intelligent! In addition, the circuits are full of corners and edges. You really have to prove that you have your high-tech sports cars under control. Only in a few seconds your racers will speed up from 0 to 100. They can bomb down the streets with up to 340 km and thus tear down every obstacle that stands in their way. But only those who manoeuvre their cars with a great attention to detail will pass the finishing line first. However, chaos is pre-programmed on the track! That's just a part of the game. But who takes advantage of the many opportunities for adjustments and modifications and who overcomes all the tricky parts in each route will have to admit at least one thing: Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction is the wildest racing game par excellence!


Only our MegaTrainer makes you receive infinite Nitro so you can active your turbo at any time! Our other Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction cheats empower you to manipulate the race timer and the gears of your opponents at will! This makes you always be the first passing the finish line! In addition, our other cheats present you the One-Hit-Kill, the Instant-Kill and even the Godmode. Now your opponents will explode even by the slightest touch and your car will become invulnerable! Now you can really sow your wild oats! But remember: Only the Flatout 3 - Chaos & Destruction Trainer makes that possible!


  • Monster trucks, race cars, off-road vehicles and more than 40 other vehicles
  • More than 20,000 destructible objects on every devilish track
  • Tough duels in a fully destructible environment
  • A number of tuning options and modifications
  • Destruction racing game with multiple modes
  • Chaos, destruction and pure anarchy
  • The wildest racing game of the year
  • Brilliant motion-blur
  • Fantastic graphics

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