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01.05.2012 • 8 Codes

Flatout - Ultimate Carnage: Graphically opulent car crash extravaganza!

Flatout - Ultimate Carnage is the third instalment of the most spectacular destruction racing series of all time! Although Flatout - Ultimate Carnage is only a brilliant new edition to FlatOut 2, the racing spectacle has much more to offer than meets the eye. Never before has a destruction racing game staged such an extreme action that is interspersed with incredible realistic physics.
Game Profile
Publisher: Strategy First
Developer: BugBear Entertainment
Release Year: 2008
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Flatout - Ultimate Carnage Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Disable Xlive anti-cheat
The 'Disable Anti-Cheat' Cheat works only for systems older than Windows10! If you are playing Flatout Ultimate Carnage on Win10 you have to delete the file "xlive. dll" completely from your main game folder.! Otherwise, the game doesn't run under Windows10 at all!
Prepare for cheat
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
Set money 100.000 (on menu-switch)
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
Infinite Nitro
If you enable this cheat during the race, you'll get unlimited nitro.
Car godmode
By this cheat you can make your car indestructible, because it will get max health all the time.
Car godmode + One-Hit-Kill Opponents
By the godmode your car becomes indestructible, because it will be repaired before each collision.

If you activate the option with additional one-hit-kill (OHK), other cars will be destroyed on first collision (no matter if wall, barrier or other cars). But in this case you won't earn the destruction for your statistic, even if you ramming/destroying the opponent!
Opponent max 1st gear
These cheats empower you to manipulate the gears of your opponents at will!
Opponent no gear
These cheats empower you to manipulate the gears of your opponents at will!

Special Hint

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  • All Flatout - Ultimate Carnage cheats work for the human player only.



Three excellent game modes and a wide range of online and offline multiplayer modes provide the players with a variety beyond compare. Flatout - Ultimate Carnage offers unique vehicles that are assembled from more than 40 destroyable parts and it supplies more than 8,000 destructible objects on every track. Providing 48 cars on 39 tracks the players may race through scenic deserts, canals and cities—and they may witness each churned dust grain, any emerging water splashes and any emitting sparks. Detailed and graphically opulent: That is Flatout - Ultimate Carnage! You can say what you want: The cars, the landscapes and all special effects of Flatout - Ultimate Carnage just look fantastic! The extensive solo career of this unique action-firework is divided into three different racing classes: With regard to the derby class the degree of difficulty is quite feasible. But if you want to succeed in the most serious category, the road class, you will really have to practice hard! The physics of Flatout - Ultimate Carnage are just authentic and sophisticated beyond measure. Mindless racers will quickly bite the dust. But that's just typical for the entire series and the fans don’t want it any different! First comes the claim, then the fun may arrive! But whoever practices the controls a lot will make some progress very soon: Victory is near!


Thus you have to slowly drive your way to the top in order to unlock steeper routes and faster vehicles. You invest your prize money either in a number of tuning options or buy a brand-new speedster or a heavier vehicle. Regarding the thoroughly funny staged derby mode it is all about surviving as the last car! The opponents will deliberately try to destroy your vehicle. They provoke pile-ups, bulldoze scaffoldings and destroy whole building—but sometimes even they make mistakes. Then you come into play and parry like mad: You outshine the skills of your competitors by far! Thankfully all tournaments run very differently and with an unprecedented dynamism. Every driver of the AI behaves very individually: Some react very aggressively while others just want to be the first to the finish line and hardly notice you and your infernal machine! Flatout - Ultimate Carnage constantly stays fast-paced, tactical, sophisticated and varied. The varying racing tracks shine through a lovingly detailed design: You bomb down the streets through disused water channels, dense forest, beautiful sawmills, picturesque villages, an aircraft graveyard in the desert or through an entire shopping centre. Each scene is unique! Especially regarding the different times of the day the innovative engine proves its full strength. The grandiose lighting effects envelop the individual routes and courses in an atmospheric and fantastic ambience. The razor-sharp textures and detailed particle effects require a lot work of your graphics card. The various scenarios of Flatout - Ultimate Carnage integrate races, crash challenges, stunt competitions and much more that make the hearts of all fans of destruction races leap for joy. Flatout - Ultimate Carnage is not just graphically opulent but also a world power as far as the gameplay is concerned!


There is not the slightest doubt: Our MegaTrainer provides you with any amount of money, so you can use all tuning options and purchase all hot racing cars! Our other Flatout - Ultimate Carnage cheats equip you with infinite nitro and ensure that you can manipulate or eliminate the gears of your opponents at will! If you do not want them to they won’t drive anywhere! But the best is yet to come: You will receive the One-Hit-Kill as well as the Godmode. Now your car is invulnerable and your enemies will explode by the slightest hit. What fun! Thus the Flatout - Ultimate Carnage Trainer shows very clearly what it really means to have true power!


  • More than 8,000 destructible objects on every track
  • Wide range of online and offline multiplayer modes
  • The most spectacular destruction racing game ever
  • Extreme action combined with realistic physics
  • Opulent graphics and detailed particle effects
  • Vehicles with more than 40 destroyable parts
  • Three excellent game modes

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