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FlatOut: This is sheer madness!

FlatOut is the first part of a grandiose and unique destruction racing series that has found its worthy conclusion with its two successors FlatOut 2 and Flatout - Ultimate Carnage. But even if the grand debut of FlatOut might have been a while ago, this ultimate and action-intensive racing game is definitely still worth playing through—for every fan of the genre!
Game Profile
Publisher: Empire, Strategy First
Developer: BugBear Entertainment
Release Year: 2004
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

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FlatOut makes your adrenaline flow! This explosive racing game knows no rules. Chaos, anarchy and destruction dominate the gameplay mechanics! And yet FlatOut’s spectacular effects shine through—beautiful graphics and innovative game mechanics that couldn’t be more captivating. By driving over 48 insane tracks the player enters one of 16 different infernal machines, performs diabolical stunt, rams his opponents, drifts around corners and destroys merrily and happily everything that stands in his way... And then off you go! Of course at the beginning of FlatOut you only have one goal: You want to win the Gold Cup. You start by entering one of your high-speed cars you are about to bomb down through the snow-covered slopes and hope that you do not slide off the track. Although your bonnet was already blown away and your tires smoke as if they were burning, you remain cool, keep your competitors at bay and drive your way up to the top. Then you quickly take a shortcut, tear down some scaffolding, ram one or two opponents out of the way and activate one of your turbo et voilà: you pass the finishing line first and you are very happy that this time your car was not destroyed by the AI. Something like that may describe the everyday life of FlatOut. We would expect nothing else from an authentic destruction racing game!


And even if your devil machine will burst into flames in FlatOut, don’t worry too much, because after all there is not a real driver behind the wheel… but only a crash test dummy! A bizarre idea of the developers that proves to be very funny—especially when serious accidents occur. Then the dummies fly around and you can imagine in your mind what the crash would mean for a human being. The races of FlatOut are really a hard matter! All race tracks are teeming with obstacles and dangers. Cross standing trucks, scaffolding and cesspools are blocking the roadway. Fortunately, all of the objects in FlatOut are destroyable! A vicious pilot as you are simply goes through all barriers with top speed and is very pleased by the trail of destruction that he may leave behind. Besides that destroying things is very important because you gain money for every destroyed object and your turbo gets refilled as well. The Turbo is especially recommended on straight tracks, at least if you do not want to end up in the ditch! The gold can of course be invested in the extensive tuning options with which you can increase the horsepower, the transmission, the exhaust and the chassis! Or you even can purchase brand new infernal machines—but that's up to you. FlatOut stages three different racing classes that include a total of 36 routes. Who wants to get ahead has to win every damn race! There are also a lot of bonus games that give a lot of attention to your dummies. These run basically very similar. You accelerate your racer on top speeds just to make your dummy fly out of the car in the most bizarre way possible. Sometimes your dummy has to meet a certain goal, sometimes it has to perform some stunts or just fly as far as possible. Similar to the demolition derby these ironic mini-games offer a fun change to the action-intense battles on the racetrack. As was mentioned above: FlatOut is sheer madness!


Our MegaTrainer gives you heaps of gold so that you can use all the tuning options and immediately acquire all of the great cars. What great fun! Our other unique FlatOut cheats present you infinite much Nitro, so you can activate your turbo at any time. And if that shouldn’t be enough to overtake all of your opponents, then you may disable their gears at will: Then your competitors won’t drive a single meter! The FlatOut Trainer is the perfect method to this madness!


  • Great debut of the spectacular and unique destruction racing series
  • About 48 crazy tracks and 16 different racing cars
  • Spectacular effects and innovative game mechanics
  • Race tracks full of obstacles and dangers
  • Explosives racing game without any rules
  • Sweeping detailed tuning capabilities

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