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26.01.2019 • 15 Codes
Game Profile
Publisher: Scraping Bottom Games
Developer: Scraping Bottom Games
Release Year: 2017
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Fictorum Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
This option prepares the game for other codes. It should be activated first, otherwise the other codes won't work properly!
Infinite stamina
With this cheat you get unlimited stamina.
Infinite Mana
Activate this cheat to get unlimited magicka (mana).
No stamina
Limits your stamina to a low level.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Low health
Massively decreases your maximum health!
Magical Essence +250
Replenishes your mana!
Speed increase
Allows you to modify the movement speed of your character/units.
Speed decrease
Allows you to modify the movement speed of your character/units.
Speed restore
Allows you to modify the movement speed of your character/units.
Jump height increase
Manipulate your jump-height at will!
Jump height decrease
Manipulate your jump-height at will!
Jump height restore
Manipulate your jump-height at will!
Magical Essence -250
Decreases your Mana!

Special Hint

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Fictorum: RPG action with a destructible environment!

The roleplaying-action-video-game Fictorum contains a randomly generated world-map with destructible environments. Use your powerful magic to leave behind a pile of rubble wherever you go. Unlike other RPGs, in Fictorum you are a powerful magician right from the start, nothing is holding you back. If your powers are draining too fast use our 2019 MegaTrainer!


In the video-game Fictorum you play the last surviving master wizard of your wizard order. All other masters were captured and killed by the government, called the Inquisition. Only you managed to narrowly escape your execution and flee. While you are chased by the soldiers of the Inquisition, you have to advance further and further into the realm of the enemy to finally reach the Grand Inquisitor in the video-game Fictorum and take revenge on him in person.


In the video-game Fictorum you have all the spells in the game since the start, but that doesn't mean that you use their full potential from the beginning. You can improve your spells with runes that you find in the game. Each spell can be equipped with three runes, which give the spell new characteristics. Spells are cast by drawing certain mouse gestures and some of them can destroy buildings and other elements of the game-world. The game-world in the video-game Fictorum is in general quite special. At first glance, it's a normal RPG-world, but once you die in the game, you'll notice the difference to other role-play-game-worlds. The game-world in the video-game Fictorum is regenerated procedurally every time you die, which means that the complete structure and content of the map changes completely after every new entry.


In the video-game Fictorum you slip into the role of a powerful magician, but your spells cannot protect you if the whole world is against you. But our fantastic Fictorum Cheats from our exclusive Fictorum Trainers can! Our Infinite Stamina and Infinite Mana Cheats allow you to escape from the soldiers of the Inquisition without having to take a break while defending yourself against them without any problems. Use our Godmode Cheat, which makes you invincible, to enter the realm of the enemy as a one-man army.


  • Take revenge on the person who is responsible for the extermination of your order
  • Start the game as a master magician
  • Cast spells through mouse gestures
  • 39 unlockable Steam-Achievements
  • Procedurally generated game-world
  • Improve your spells with runes
  • Destructible environment
  • Unique spelling system


The video-game Fictorum was developed and published by the American indie-video-game-developer and publisher Scraping Bottom Games. The developer team consists of the two developers Chip Flory and Greg Curran, who financed the development of the game through Kickstarter. In total, more than 1,000 donors helped them realize the project with nearly $30,000. The action-RPG-video-game Fictorum was released on Steam on August 9, 2017, and is available for Microsoft Windows.

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