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Simply unpredictable!

Your hero plagued by malaria, a country shattered by the war of competing warlords. Perfectly clear! Far Cry 2 sends you on a brilliant adventure in a dire country in the heart of Africa. If it was not enough that you have to pacify the country, defy your illness and en passant also pee on the Warlord's parade, Far Cry 2 offers a wealth of other devilish tasks. Our cheats ensure that your weapons will not lose their durability!
Game Profile
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Release Year: 2008
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Far Cry 2 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
900 diamonds for buying
As soon as this cheat is active the amount of diamonds will be set to 900 when you buy something.
Infinite ammo + injections
If you activate this cheat your ammo in clip will still be decreased but not your overall ammo, so you can reload for free. In addition you can use your injections for free and heal yourself as often as needed.
Infinite grenades
By this cheat your amount of grenade won't be decreased when you throw them.
No reload
With this cheat you don't lose ammo while shooting and thus you don't need to reload ammo anymore.
Freeze weapon status
Activate this cheat and the durability of your current weapon won't decrease.
No car-damage
All vehicles in game (yours as well as the opponent ones) won't be damaged by bullets anymore. Bigger explosions e.g. by bazooka can still damage the vehicles but the game doesn't rate it as destroyed.

If you need to destroy opponents, disable this cheat before!
As long as this cheat is active your health won't be decreased.

Special Hint

Created by:
  • All cheats work for the human player only.


The number of your enemies is tremendous. This means for you that you have to maneuver in a variety of ways. Sometimes it just helps to deceive the enemy, to lull him to safety, and then attack from ambush and fully enjoy the element of surprise...
The firefights of this first-person-shooter are unusually realistic. Even the wind should be taken into account. For cases of emergency, Molotov-cocktails and flamethrowers provide the necessary Pow-Wow!
It is a nice thing that the complete environment of Far Cry 2 is destructible and changeable. Since the gigantic game world is open to your free exploration, anything is possible!
In thrilling 70 missions, you are eager to attain new information to gather useful vehicles and massive arms. The extremely spontaneous and intelligent AI ensures a good deal of variety. Because your reputation always precedes you, it may well happen that an opponent makes himself scarce, only to lead off the fight in another moment. Your enemies in Far Cry 2 simply are unpredictable!


  • Exceptional spontaneous and intelligent AI
  • Huge arsenal and all kinds of vehicles
  • Gigantic game world, freely explorable
  • Unusually realistic firefights
  • Outstanding graphics

Everything your heart desires: The Far Cry 2 Trainer

Including the help of the Far Cry 2 Trainer you easily get infinite grenades, syringes, ammunition and you do not have to reload anymore! In addition, our Cheats ensure that your weapons will not lose their durability and that your vehicles take no harm - they can only be paralyzed by large explosions. For these and other situation, our MegaTrainer also offers the Godmode. We also provide any number of diamonds, thus you can purchase all the weapons and items that your heart desires!

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