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20.01.2017 • 4 Codes

Factory Engineer: The most beautiful & successful factory in the world!

In the 2016 released indie-simulation-video-game Factory Engineer it all comes down to building and running a successful automated factory. Develop different products and sell them on the world market. With the money you earn, you can unlock newer & better processes as well as products. To ensure that your factory does not go bust, you can count on exclusive codes for more money and research points in our 2017 released MegaTrainer!
Game Profile
Publisher: Mind Leak
Developer: Mind Leak
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Factory Engineer Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This cheat prepares the game for other cheats. It should be activated first, otherwise the other cheats won't work properly!
-1 Day
Changes the time of day!
+10.000 Money
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
+25.000 Research
Increases your Research-points!

Special Hint

Created by:
  • Factory Engineer is a full dynamical game which creates game functions at runtime if needed. For this reason cheats of the Factory Engineer trainer can only be activated after the game already used these functions at least one time. Please read and follow our cheat-descriptions to correctly use our trainer!



In the game Factory Engineer you can let your interior engineer and designer run free. In order to be successful, you have to offer a wide range of products. Your hard earned money from selling your goods can be used to invest in new technologies and research. Newer and better products can be sold for a better profit. Making research and advancements in technology a must! You can see the 3 basic principles of the game repeat themselves all the time. Build, Sell, Research - Repeat! There are over 20 different machines that complete the automated processes. How you set up your factory and design is entirely up to you. The world market changes and influences the value of your goods and services. Sometimes your product is all the hype but more often than not, no one is interested. In order not to go broke, you need to have a good understanding of manufacturing and global economies in the game Factory Engineer!


In addition to the 20 different machines, you can create over 70 different items. A wide-ranging Tech-Tree ensures that there are always new products and technologies to be discovered. The recycling of surplus material is always rewarded by rare and precious resources. In addition to financial ruin, there are global leaderboards that will motivate you to do a good job. You can borrow money and take out a mortgage to avoid closing your factory. In any good simulation, there must be a sandbox mode. Factory Engineer offers one! In the sandbox mode, the sky is the limit. You get unlimited money to do the most unusual and expensive factory ideas you can come up with!


Life as the head of a factory can be quite stressful. In order for you not to go crazy, you can count on our 2017 MegaTrainer with its exclusive codes. The Factory Engineer Cheats allow you to modify the calendar. With a simply click one day is taken off the calendar. This ensures you always enough time to do research and make your products available at the right time. With our awesome Factory Engineer Trainer you instantly get more money and research points. Thanks to our trainer, your products will soon be available all over the world!


  • Explore new technologies and products
  • Spend money to make money
  • Complex and deep tech tree
  • 20 different machines
  • Steam Achievements
  • Sandbox mode


The Game Factory Engineer has been in Steam-Early-Access since September 2016. It will take several months until it reaches gold-status. The content and possibilities so far, are already outstanding! The development of this game should definitely be followed with an open eye!

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