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03.11.2018 • 7 Codes

Executive Assault 2: Suppress the other factions as CEO!

The action indie strategy video game Executive Assault 2 can be played in different ways. In traditional RTS-mode, Fist Person mode and in multiplayer Excutron-Mode where you can support your friends. Upgrade your own explorable space station and defeat other factions in action-packed battles. With the unique Balancing Codes of our 2018 MegaTrainer, your faction will become more powerful than any other.
Game Profile
Publisher: Hesketh Studios
Developer: Hesketh Studios
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Executive Assault 2 Cheats



In the video-game Executive Assault 2 it is your task to build your space station and expand it by warfare and ecological measures and to enlarge your military sphere of influence. Manufacture goods and sell them to get more money, which will allow you to increase your Starship fleet in the video-game Executive Assault 2, giving you an advantage in combat against other space stations.


The video-game Executive Assault 2 has two modes: A real-time-strategy-mode and a first-person-shooter-mode. In the first, you have to command your own fleet of starships from the bridge of your space station, from a top-down perspective. In addition, you'll have to collect raw materials and produce goods that you can sell to merchants to increase your money supply. The most important thing is to constantly increase your army. In the first-person-mode of the video-game Executive Assault 2 you plunge yourself into battle. You can defend your space station as a foot soldier or to sit in the cockpit of a spaceship and attack enemy space stations.


In the video-game Executive Assault 2 you have to attack enemy space stations while making sure that your own is not getting blown up. To keep the stress level on a low, our great Executive Assault 2 offers you a whole range of unique Executive Assault 2 Cheats! With our Resource Cheats, you can increase your Ironite and Coolant inventory by 500 each and your Fleet Cap by 100. Our Money Cheat gives you 5,000 extra money every time you activate it with which you can expand your station. Our Unlimited Station Health and Unlimited Station Shields Cheats will make your space station indestructible, and the same goes for your fleet with our Godmode Units Cheat!


  • Create your own space station and customize your units
  • Attack other space stations and defend your own
  • Combines real-time-strategy with FPS-action
  • Create numerous Starship fleets
  • Explore over 60 technologies
  • Build unique super weapons
  • Manufacture and sell goods


The video-game Executive Assault 2 was developed and published by the British indie-developer-team Hesketh Studios and combines real-time-strategy with first-person-action-shooter-elements. The game was released on Steam on October 18, 2018, but is still in Early-Access. Executive Assault 2 is now available for MAC OS and Microsoft Windows.

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