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01.05.2012 • 7 Codes

Enforcer - Police Crime Action: For Everyone, who ever wanted to know how it feels to be a real Cop

Anyone who plays Enforcer - Police Crime Action will quickly notice: This simulation is unique! For indeed it stages a real cop simulation, in which one eats, sleeps, drives, works and even has to socialize like a real police officer serving the US!
Game Profile
Publisher: Excalibur Games
Developer: Odin Game Studio
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Enforcer - Police Crime Action Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Never hungry
Using this Cheats, your cop never gets hungry, he maintains his power and he never gets stressed at all.
Infinite ammo
Provides your cop with unlimited ammunition.
Beware: You have to shoot and to reload at least one time, before you can activate this Cheat.
Infinite energy
Using this Cheats, your cop never gets hungry, he maintains his power and he never gets stressed at all.
No reload
You don't have to reload anymore.
Beware: you have to shoot and to reload at least one time, before you can activate this Cheat.
No stress
Using this Cheats, your cop never gets hungry, he maintains his power and he never gets stressed at all.
Activate this cheat to become immortal in the game.

Special Hint

Created by:
  • Enforcer - Police Crime Action is a dynamic memory game. The cheats can only be activated after the game created the memory regions. The activation of each cheat may need several seconds at the first time!



Compared to traditional action games, the Enforcer - Police Crime Action forbids vile shooting scenarios. After all, the player embodies a real cop and must behave accordingly. But precisely herein lays the special attraction of this game. Especially since this simulation made a really great job considering the smallest detail, indeed. Even everyday things such as the level of stress, hunger or fatigue of the protagonist have to be taken to consideration by the players. All this makes Enforcer - Police Crime Action so very special: You experience the daily life of a police officer as close as never before! It even goes so far that you have to control the privacy of your protagonist. Whenever your stress level is running high at a risk of damaging your character, you must socialize with others. That means in plain text: You call your friends and celebrate with them, or you visit your grandparents and your mother! Your father died long ago, but he has left you a heavy legacy. He also was a cop and now you have to follow in his footsteps and take up the fight against organized crime. However, as every newcomer at the police, you won’t fight immediately against the mafia. But your career in Enforcer - Police Crime Action begins very small. This means: You distribute traffic tickets on illegal parking, organize the traffic and put young vandals, who shake the harmony of the small town, into jail. A cop has to do what a cop has to do!


After a short adjustment period, in which you will learn to distinguish right from wrong parked cars, the Enforcer - Police Crime Action might give you the more complex work of a police man. Suddenly you are in charge when it comes to arrest burglars or even captors. Of course, there is a golden rule: Never shoot, if you don’t have to! If you shoot a criminal without it would have been necessary, it might cost you your job. The Enforcer - Police Crime Action is not called a simulator for nothing! Playing it, meticulous police work is required! That means: You search the scene of crime, interrogate witnesses, compare their statements and then you're off on the hunt for the real killer. But beware: False arrests are punished! But the more you bring criminals to jail and the more crimes you reveal by your investigations, the higher your reputation will get. Ultimately, it's totally up to you how high you’ll climb up the greasy pole. However, becoming the chief of police is a long and bumpy way! And you will make this way spending most of your time sitting and driving your police car. Finally, the solution of a crime often is a matter of time! How fast can you be at the scene of action? When the emergency call reaches your car, then you turn on the lights and the siren! And off you go: Naturally at full speed, because after all, the other vehicles will drive aside! Even better: The more layers you overcome, the higher your salary giving by the police office will become. Afterwards you can spend your honestly earned money on a new car. Concerning your police vehicle, the Enforcer - Police Crime Action provides far-reaching possibilities in terms of speed, armour, visibility, etc. However, you should always hold back a few bucks. Your man of law and order has to eat on a regular basis and refuel his car. The Enforcer - Police Crime Action eventually hasn’t promised its fans too much: This simulation truly stages the life of a cop one-to-one!


It's kind of nice that the simulation Enforcer - Police Crime Action stages so many daily life details, such as sleeping and eating scenarios. Nevertheless sometimes these moments can annoy, especially if you have to deal with more important things. Therefore the Cheats of our MegaTrainer offer the one or the other practical convenience. Thanks to our Cheats, your cop never suffers hunger, has no stress and gets enough power. In addition, the Enforcer - Police Crime Action Trainer provides you with infinite ammo, a permanent full magazine and finally the Godmode. Therefore your cop really has everything he needs to get to the top of his career!


  • Spectacular simulation of the everyday life of a cop
  • Thrilling rides with your police car
  • A host of different tasks
  • Working like a real cop
  • Exciting interrogations
  • Unique crimes and scenes
  • Addictive setting
  • Super graphics

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