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08.01.2018 • 5 Codes

ECHO: Hello? Is anyone home?

Released in 2017, the action-adventure-stealth-Indie-video-game ECHO sends you, the protagonist En, to a mysterious alien palace. But nothing is as it seems. The unique thing about the video game ECHO is that the AI directly learns from the player! You are pretty much battling yourself, luckily you still got a few tricks up your sleeve with our 2018 MegaTrainer!
Game Profile
Publisher: ULTRA ULTRA
Developer: ULTRA ULTRA
Release Year: 2017
Plattforms: PC, PS4, PS4 Pro
Game Modes: Singleplayer

ECHO Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite stamina
With this cheat you get unlimited stamina.
Super speed
This cheat increases your running speed immensely!
Mega speed
This cheat increases your running speed immensely!
Infinite cells
Provides you with unlimited Cells!
Stealth / No target
Makes you invisible for as long as you want!

Special Hint

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In the video game ECHO you play as the protagonist En. En has been training her whole life to finally be worthy enough to enter the alien palace. You wake up on board of a mysterious spaceship, but this involuntary journey has brought you to the gates of the palace. Your only companion is an angry AI named London. But the palace is not as magnificent as you imagined. It is abandoned and suffers under a technical malfunction. Due to these malfunctions, countless copies of En are created, your opponents in the video game ECHO. The technology of the palace constantly observes you, registers everything you do and analyses you from top to bottom. The video game ECHO is all about stealth, action, and manipulation of the environment. Will you manage to beat the ultimate opponent: You!


The palace in the video game ECHO has its own will. It is constantly running analysis and based that it builds new ECHOS, AI-copies of you. That means your play-style has a direct impact on the AI and gameplay mechanics. If you walk around guns blazing, the AI will do the same, if you are stealthy, the AI will do the same etc. The palace restarts itself at regular intervals to update the echoes. These reboots are shown in the video game ECHO in the form of power outages. During restarts, all of the palace's software is offline and these precious seconds are the only times you can act freely without the AI noticing it. The gameplay of ECHO is so closely intertwined with your playstyle, something we haven’t really seen in other games in the past. Your behavior and style of play determine everything! It also adds another layover longevity to the game, since none of your playthroughs will be exactly the same. The AI always adapts! The SciFi atmosphere has been captured brilliantly in the video game ECHO. Besides En, the AI London is an incredibly complex as a character as well and that’s why ECHO is not only a game for stealth fans but story enthusiasts as well.


The AI in the video game ECHO always adapts and evolves. Only in the seconds of a restart can do as you please without the AI noticing it and learning from it. In order to have a chance in the game, there are exclusive and handmade cheats, codes and trainers in our ECHO trainer. With our ECHO Cheats you get unlimited stamina & cells, can change your running speed and become invisible to the AI thanks to our stealth/no target codes. No matter how smart the ECHOS are thanks to our 2018 MegaTrainer they will have no chance against you.


  • The AI learns directly from the player
  • 47 Steam Achievements
  • Complex characters
  • Impressive world
  • Unique setting
  • Great Story


The video gameECHO was developed by ULTRA ULTRA. Technically the game is based on Unreal Engine 4 and the developers HQ is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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