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DuckTales - Remastered: The DuckTales how we love and cherish them!

DuckTales - Remastered is the magnificent new edition of the most popular 8-bit titles of all time. Almost decades ago, you have played a similar adventure - only on the Game Boy! But now the wonderful adventures of Scrooge McDuck have been completely revised and produced with great attention to detail. The result: DuckTales - Remastered! A platforming adventure with a difference! DuckTales - Remastered presents hand-drawn animated characters that even include the original voices of the Disney series. The adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his family are staged as authentic as never before. Our MegaTrainer makes things even better: By using our cheats, Scrooge will get incredibly much money in order to purchase all the special features!
Game Profile
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: WayForward
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

DuckTales Remastered Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
+100.000 bonus money on collect
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
Provides you with a tremendous amount of life energy and makes you immortal!
Godmode + MegaHealth
Provides you with a tremendous amount of life energy and makes you immortal!

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The player takes on the role of Scrooge McDuck and together with his three nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie he hurls himself into a daring adventure, in which no fewer than five legendary treasures have to be found on the most extraordinary places in the world. There are a number of traps, puzzles, and, of course numerous opponents to overcome. As in previous games Scrooge jumps up and down with his stick, giving the approaching enemies a good licking... And what enemies may come: Skeletons, ghosts, enchanted mummies, numerous Beagle Boys, etc. Sometimes your nemesis occurs on the scene, always in great want of your Number One Dime: Magica De Spell! If you want to wrestle down this mighty witch, you will need some other techniques than just to jump with your stick. Thus you have to carry out tougher caliber. But you will know what do, when the time comes. The somewhat dated Scrooge is acquainted with all kinds of tricks and dodges, so much more than meets the eye. Climbing up any obstacle is not a problem for Scrooge McDuck. By using various lianas he passes through deadly traps and hidden rooms. Or he uses his walking stick as a racket to throw boulders at nasty spiders or to hurl barrels of high platforms. While Scrooge is hopping through the levels and smashing one opponent after another, he eagerly collects energy and bonus lives. All of the tasks won’t be simple, indeed. The essential characteristics of DuckTales - Remastered are the walking stick and the tricky jump passages: Hop, hop,


But such a classic DuckTales does not need more to be exciting. The controls of DuckTales - Remastered require a precise approach, whereby this platforming adventure embodies the genre-typical demands. Whoever wants to smash the giant snake, which is lying in a pit, has to hit it precisely in the middle. Otherwise things will go bad and you will lose one heart of your life energy. Reaching out for the lianas has to be performed just the right moment, too. Thus these levels are particularly interesting, in which Scrooge McDuck is on the run from something and has serious time pressure. Similar to the comics Scrooge has only one primal goal in mind: The next treasure! DuckTales - Remastered even comes up with five treasures that has to be found, indeed to the most unimaginable places on earth. The treasure hunt leads Scrooge McDuck through African mines, to the snowy peaks of the Himalayas and even up to the moon. To get from A to B, the old drake gets a lot of help from the engineer Gyro Gearloose and from the Launchpad McQuack! Therefore, it is not uncommon that there are plenty of angry debates between Scrooge and his helpers: We have all heard of the belligerent vein of this grumpy billionaire! By the way, whoever wants to take a break, can swim with Scrooge McDuck in his Money Bin. But otherwise DuckTales - Remastered ago is not a picnic indeed. In addition to the tricky jump passages, many levels come up with special attractions. The wagon-ride in the Transylvanian ghost castle will quickly become to a descent into hell, if you don’t react quickly enough. The colorful and happy levels integrate always more routes and junctions. Before you have to challenge the monsters of Magica De Spell and Mac Money, first you have to detect many hidden rooms and find mysterious objects. During your epic journey you have to deal with bees, giant apes and tentacle monsters as well. But at least this game includes all the original songs that will motivate you to continue, no matter what. DuckTales - Remastered is an absolute must-have for any fan. The adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his family couldn’t have been brought to life any better!


You can say what you want, but our MegaTrainer is just perfect for this very adventure. Granted: It is extremely unlikely that Scrooge McDuck could possibly need any more money. But concerning DuckTales - Remastered Scrooge McDuck really has to collect some extra money, in order to purchase the special features of this very game. By using our cheats, Scrooge as much money as you want him to have. In addition, you will receive the Godmode to provide your drake with immortality. Now even the most difficult jump passages won’t be a problem anymore! Even if you haven’t heard of the DuckTales - Remastered Trainer yet, you will love all the special performances it empowers you to do!


  • Inspiring new edition with great attention to detail
  • Challenging quests including a delicious humor
  • All original voices of the Disney series
  • Hand-drawn animated characters
  • Great varied mission design
  • Only original soundtracks
  • Tricky jumping passages
  • Nice cartoon graphics

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