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25.07.2017 • 3 Codes

Door Kickers: Top-down SWAT action!

In the 2014 released top-down-strategy-simulation-video-game Door Kickers, you take control of a SWAT team. The real-time operations focus on fights against kidnappers, terrorists and drug traffickers. Analyze your position, supply your team with the right equipment, plan and map their way and send them in! Our 2017 released MegaTrainer comes packed with exclusive Cheats & Codes like unlimited grenades, Godmode and no-reload! Counter-Terrorist win!
Game Profile
Publisher: KillHouse Games
Developer: KillHouse Games
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Door Kickers Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite grenades
Provides you with unlimited grenades!
No reload
With this cheat you have unlimited ammo in your clip and don't need to reload - ever!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

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In total the video-game Door Kickers offers more than 80 different individual mission spread out over 3 different campaigns. There is no over reach plot, it is pretty much just mission after mission with different tasks. Tactics are the cornerstone of the gameplay in Door Kickers. Only well thought out approach will ensure your team's survival. All missions and objectives are fought in in real time but can be paused at any given moment. For each completed mission you earn points with which you can unlock and purchase new weapons as well as equipment. For the best tactical overview, the entire is played from the top-down perspective. Door Kickers is exactly the right game for your inner tactics nerd!


The members of your team earn experience after each successful mission. A veteran of your team is way more accurate than a newcomer. Dead squad mates cannot be revived meaning restarting a mission is more often than not the right choice since you can get fairly attached to your team members and their abilities. There are over 65 different weapons for you to choose from to eliminate the terrorists, kidnappers and drug kingpins. In addition to the weapons, the game also offers a variety of shields, protective clothing as well as breach utilities like bolt cutters, smoke grenades etc. In the video game Door Kickers only your team member field of view is highlighted and visible to you, everything which is out of their line of sight is hidden in a blue shaded shadow which more often than not, can offer some naughty and terrifying surprises!


To be successful in Door Kickers, you need a well thought-out approach, as well as all the help you can get from our 2017, released MegaTrainer and its handmade and exclusive cheats & codes. Our Door Kickers Cheats provide your SWAT team with unlimited grenades. The perfect weapon to flush out hidden enemies. So goodbye to the annoying nerve-racking reload seconds thanks to our no-reload code. Last but not least our Door Kickers Trainer packs a punch with Godmode!


  • Perfect overview thanks to top-down perspective
  • Variety in missions and objectives
  • Real-time with pause function
  • Over 80 different missions
  • 43 Steam Achievements


The video-game Door Kickers was released way back in 2014. At the end of 2016, developer KillHouse Games confirmed that they are working on a sequel, Door Kickers 2. An exact release has not been named, guess we have to play the waiting game!

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