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Doom 3: A real classic

Every fan of first-person shooter absolutely has to play Doom 3 at least once—because it helped to define the whole genre! The horror first-person shooter Doom 3 stages a diabolical game world where you wade ankle-deep through zombie blood more than just once. Between you and the lord of the underworld stand a whole army of infernal beasts and foul creatures that have to be executed—at any cost.
Game Profile
Publisher: id Software
Developer: id Software
Release Year: 2004
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Doom 3 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Unlimited Ammo
As long as this cheat is active, you'll have unlimited amount of ammo for your weapons.
Godmode 1
Activate this cheat, if you're within a level and your health will be hold permanent on the maximum value. You have to disable this cheat befor entering a new area/level, because this cheat will else block all doors while loading a level!
Godmode 2
In contrast to the first Godmode, it's no problem if this cheat is active during a level-switch. But this cheat prevents you from oponent-hits, which isn't good for game-atmosphere, because your screen won't flash red on hits.

Special Hint

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  • All cheats work for the human player only.



With the flashlight that is attached to your equipment you sprinkle light in dark corners and kill off one zombie after another. Doom 3 is very good in generating a tense and creepy atmosphere that might freeze the blood in your veins. Although the weapons and the basic gameplay offers no big surprises, Doom 3 is and shall remain a brilliant first-person horror shooter that shouldn’t be missed. We have all heard the following golden rule: Hands off extra-terrestrial artefacts. The space marine soldiers that conduct a research station on Mars obviously have never heard of this rule in their life. One of their scientists comes across the remains of an extra-terrestrial alien culture and can’t restrain his curiosity. Instead of putting his hand off, he puts his hand on the artefact! Et voilà: the gate of hell opens up, numerous ghosts and monsters get out and all the surrounding people are either drawn into the mouth of hell or directly transformed into bestial zombies. So much for the introduction…


In the main part of Doom 3 you're trying to bring the mess back in order. In other words: There are some enemies between you and the dark lord that you have to blow out of your way before it may come to the big showdown with the devil himself. From now on there are few but basic things to observe: Keep your ears open, your eyes as well and always carry a loaded gun! Death lurks behind every closet, every ceiling, in each ventilation shaft and behind every dark corner. And as it wouldn’t be enough that the demons of the dark lord crawl out of every corner, you constantly come across horrible massacred fellow man. You can say what you want: Doom 3 creates a certain creepiness that increases your tension extremely… for example by attaching disfigured scientist to the ceiling with giant nails. At least every dark corner can be illuminated by your flashlight. But Doom 3 proves again its genuine ability to stimulate your sweat production, since you can either light up or shoot—but never both at once. Thus: If any beast scares the hell out of you, you should never forget to quickly draw your weapon. But the dominant darkness of Doom 3 produces the special charm that consists of a mixture of horror and adrenaline. The different enemies and scenarios are going to scare you again and again. Despite the horror: You will shoot as there was no tomorrow. Doom 3 actually sends many different beasts your way, and all of them attack with special abilities. The fireballs, lightning bolts, gigantic mouths and huge claws of your enemies are most certainly scary. But—in typical first-person shooter fashion—you just let your gun speak… and your shotgun… and especially your chain gun, plasma gun and… well… your rocket launcher. After countless massacres and at the end of all horrors Lucifer himself is waiting for you: This showdown will stick in your brain very long! Doom 3 is a real classic!


That's even too much for the devil himself! Our MegaTrainer provides your soldier with infinite ammo. This means that the plasma gun and the rocket launcher may be used as often as you like! What a beautiful inferno! In addition, our other Doom 3 Cheats include up to three Godmodes that turn your warrior immortal in all scenarios! As soon as you activate the Doom 3 Trainer, Lucifer’s life is no bed of roses anymore!


  • Incredibly number of beasts with different attack modes
  • Dark, demonic and devilish game world
  • Genre-defining first-person shooter
  • Tense and very creepy atmosphere
  • Classic shooter arsenal
  • Spectacular showdown
  • Ironic storyline
  • Great graphics

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