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Divinity Original Sin - Enhanced Edition: Persistence prevails!

Divinity Original Sin - Enhanced Edition is available since October 2015 for Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One. The exclusive cheats of MegaDev will help you to master this game. Where else do you get an endless item durability, any amount of money and even the Godmode? Well, by the use of our MegaTrainer you will absolutely rock this sensational role-playing adventure like never before!
Game Profile
Publisher: Larian Studios
Developer: Larian Studios
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Divinity Original Sin - Enhanced Edition Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Minimum 50,000 gold
This cheat sets your money to the displayed amount!
Activate this cheat to become immortal in the game.
+30,000 Bonus experience
With help of the bonus-experiences your characters will get the given amount of extra experiences in the moment they get experiences e.g. from kills or quests.

Sometimes it happen that the display of your experiences in game is increased higher than the real not visible value and thus you think you've reached a higher level as in real. At the latest with next levelup (without experience-cheat) or when you save+reload the game, the display will be synchronized with the real one again.
No cooldowns
If you activate this cheat, the ability-cooldown is completed immediately.
Infinite item durability
Hereby your weapons and armors won't be damaged on use anymore and thus will always have enough durability.
Infinite AP
If you want to infinite act in combats, you should activate the "infinite actionpoints" cheat. By this you can move your characters as far and often you like and can also attack as often you like.

Special Hint

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This brand-new edition of 2015 is a remake of Divinity Original Sin. But Divinity Original Sin - Enhanced Edition stages entirely new content (new styles, new skills, new puzzles) that even reshape the storyline itself. In general, the epic story is highly influenced by the playful freedom of these games! Only a few games of this genre offer something similar! The location of this video game is the fantasy world Rivellon. This is the same world as it is in all games of the series. The focus of the story are two special characters, a fighter and a huntress. The two protagonists are source hunters, aka members of a special force that crusade against the use of prohibited magic. But now chaos knocks on the door of Rivellon: The sympathetic heroes are about to solve a murder. Thus they follow the trail of the crime to its source. There they encounter a nasty surprise that could provoke the end of all days.


,The sensational video game Divinity Original Sin - Enhanced Edition from 2015 offers you and your heroes a very large freedom concerning the way you will meet the various challenges. You can kill, steal or just search in order to obtain important clues. Therefore you will combine and misuse countless objects. This is especially true for the explosive battles: Your fire spells unleash an inferno, your ice magic paralyzes your opponents. The physics and the interaction of the various elements is paramount to your success in this game! You decide for yourself whether your characters may use the powers of a magician, a melee fighter or an archer. In essence: All the tasks revolve around various stories that sometimes run together. In numerous discussions and profound dialogs you'll have to make landmark decisions. The character development is based on your skilful handling of weapons, gathering experience and learning the language of animals.
There are certainly not many video games that integrate so many achievements and special features as Divinity Original Sin - Enhanced Edition.


Guide wanted? No problem! Help is here: Use the brand-new edition of our MegaTrainer of 2015 and you will have less worries indeed. If the developers give you so many playful liberties, you should be well-equipped to face them. Our exclusive Divinity Original Sin - Enhanced Edition cheats offer some good help! You will get an infinite item durability and any amount of money. Now you may use all weapons and items that this video game has to offer. In addition, you'll receive the Godmode and the One-Hit-Kill! We can't offer any better help! You can say what you want: The Divinity Original Sin - Enhanced Edition Trainer is and remains the perfect guide through this unique video-game!


  • New characters, missions and content not known from the former games
  • Brand new modes: Explorer-, Tactician- and Honour mode
  • Revised storyline with a hitherto unknown ending
  • Extremely large playful liberties
  • Explosive achievements
  • Wonderful graphics


Even before the development of this adventure took place, the Larian Studios have considered for a long time to develop turn-based strategy games. But the publisher remained reserved towards this idea, thus it never came to a realization of such games in the first instance. After Divinity 2 - Ego Draconis and Divinity 2 - Flames of Vengeance did not sell well, the indebted development studio started to work on Divinity - Dragon Commander and Divinity Original Sin. Although Divinity Original Sin was primarily intended to become the much smaller project of the two, the developers soon thought that this game was the more promising idea. Therefore the major energy was invested in the completion of Original Sin. That is probably the reason why this unique game has been so successful! Well, persistence prevails!

Divinity Original Sin - Enhanced Edition Board

This board is for Divinity Original Sin - Enhanced Edition. Use this platform to discuss positive and negative aspects of the game. If you have a problem with our trainer or a cheat, please check our FAQ or open a Support.
  • captain4wes0me
  • team Member
01.10.2018 08:39
29.09.2018 08:36
Ok, I'm an idiot. Was using the GoG version instead of the Steam one. Thanks!
no worries ^^
  • KalMorte
  • gold Member
29.09.2018 08:36
Ok, I'm an idiot. Was using the GoG version instead of the Steam one. Thanks!
  • captain4wes0me
  • team Member
29.09.2018 08:05
Are you playing the regular one or enhanced edition - latest version on steam - matching version in the trainer ? Any MODS? Did you check the integrity of your game files in steam - as well as follow the cheat instructions?
  • KalMorte
  • gold Member
29.09.2018 06:50
Seems like none of the cheats work for this game. I activated Godmode and I still took damage. Furthermore, it seems like if you engage more than one cheat, it crashes the game. Any assistance you can provide to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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