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12.11.2016 • 8 Codes
Game Profile
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Arkane Studios
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Dishonored 2 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite Oxygen
Provides you with unlimited oxygen!
Prepare for cheats
This cheat prepares the game for other cheats. It should be activated first, otherwise the other cheats won't work properly!
+1.000 Coins
'Prepare Cheats' has to be active. Open Journal - Mission items. Close your journal and active the Gold-Cheat. Open Journal again go to mission items and to see the changed gold-value!
Infinite ammo + grenades
This Cheat provides you with unlimited ammo and grenades.
Rune cheat
Open the Journal and go to Powers-Tab. Active the rune-cheat now! If you upgrade a power it will no longer cost you any runes. Instead the cost will be added to your runes.
For this to work you must have at least two runes in your inventory, in order to upgrade your first power!
Infinite energy/mana
Provides you with unlimited mana!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Stealth / Invisible
Makes you invisible for as long as you want!

Special Hint

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Dishonored 2: Supernatural Assassins!

In the 2016 released stealth-action-first-person-game Dishonored 2 you returned to an impressive world full of mysticism and technology. Overcome your opponents with unique abilities. Choose an action or stealth approach. No matter what you decide, with the help of our 2016 released MegaTrainer you will make sure that Emily is back on the throne where she belongs and that she will rule the kingdom!


The events in the video game Dishonored 2 are set 15 years after those of the predecessor, Dishonored. Corvo Attano, the main character from the predecessor, is back in Part 2. Emily Kaldwin is the ruler of Dunwall after Corvo saved her in Dishonored. The rat plague is just a distant memory now. Dunwall has prospered under the leadership of Emily, but the so-called "Crown-Killer" has propelled the kingdom into crisis and uncertainty. Many believe that the face behind the Crown killer is Corvo, since a lot of Emily’s enemies got murdered. During a memorial for Jessamine Kaldwin, Emily's mother, the Duke Luca Abele of Serkonos appears. He is accompanied by Deliah Copperspoon. She claims to be Emily's half-sister and thus claims she has a right to the throne. The Duke's men kill Emily's loyal soldiers and protectors. At this moment in the story you can choose whether you play the game as Corvo or Emily. Depending on who you choose, the other character is transformed into a kind of statue and cannot move. The story always plays out the same regardless of who you choose. You must escape from Dunwall and travel to Karnaca. Here lies the key to ensure that Emily regains her throne. Karnaca is the capital of Sekonos. It was once a prospering coastal town and was often referred to as "the jewel of the south". Nowadays, however, the city is plagued by corruption, mismanagement and an infestation of bloodflies. Use your extraordinary abilities and a combination of action and stealth to be successful in the awesome video-game Dishonored 2!


Similar to the predecessor, Dishonored, you again have complete freedom in how to play the game. Your decisions during the course of the game influence the world around you. The world will react to the chaos you wreck, meaning murders and other cynical acts. If you choose the stealth approach with minimal or no killing, chaos is minimized. Bloodflies lay eggs in dead bodies, so the more dead bodies you leave in your trails, the bigger and more devastating the infestation will become!
The story remains the same whether you play with Corvo or Emily, but the two differ in gameplay and have different special abilities. Corvo has the same skills as in Dishonored. You can slow down time with the 'Bend-Time' ability, with 'Blink' you teleport from point A to B, and with 'Devouring Swarm' a rat swarm appears which gets rid of dead bodies before bloodflies can lay eggs on them. You can choose between multiple weapons like the pistol and the crossbow. Your beloved sword from Part 1 also returns.
If you decide to play the game Dishonored 2 as Emily, you have another variety of skills and abilities to choose from. With 'Far Reach', you can draw enemies as well as objects towards you. You can also move faster from A to B with this ability. With 'Mesmerize', opponents are put into a sedative state. Through 'Domino', different opponents are connected and linked with each other and they all find the same demise and outcome. If you kill an opponent in this chain, the others will die immediately as well. 'Doppelganger' allows you, as the name suggests, to have a doppelganger of you, to confuse and sneak by enemies.
The level design of Dishonored 2 is simply genius. The world is incredibly diverse and designed in a way that is truly unique and artsy. Dishonored 2 uses the so-called VOID engine, a graphics-engine which is based on Id-Tech5, but it has been completely adapted and rewritten for this game. The city of Karnaca is modeled after southern European cities. There are many flat roofs, thus the game has more vertical gameplay and possibilities than its’ predecessor Dishonored. No matter what approach you choose, Dishonored 2 offers a unique gaming-world just ready to be explored!


You already have superhuman abilities in Dishonored 2, but your opponents are not stupid and big in numbers. To ensure that frustration does not kick in, our 2016 MegaTrainer is happy to help you out. Through our exclusive and awesome Codes for Dishonored 2, you will definitely win every fight you engage in. Our Dishonored 2 Cheats give you infinite oxygen and also infinite ammo and grenades. Packed with so much fire power, nobody will stand a chance. With the Dishonored 2 Trainer you also get infinite Mana, allowing you to always use your special abilities. In addition, the MegaTrainer packs more punch with godmode and constant invisibility. With our codes, you will be the strongest and most powerful Assassin in the entire Kingdom of Dunwall!


  • Player decisions influence the gaming world
  • Unique artistically designed world
  • Beautiful VOID graphics-engine
  • 2 selectable main characters
  • Awesome special abilities
  • Variety of missions
  • Captivating story


In addition to the PC version, Dishonored 2 has also been released for consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is a direct sequel to [game: 185] [/game]. It was also developed by the same studio as the predecessor, Arkane Studios. The launch of the PC version can unfortunately be called bumpy. The graphics menu allows many settings, including Field of View, but unfortunately the performance, even on many high-range PCs, suffers a lot. A patch, however, will hopefully fix many of these problems, so that every PC gamer can enjoy this great title!

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