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20.10.2018 • 16 Codes
Game Profile
Publisher: Paul Schneider
Developer: BlueEagle Productions
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

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Dimension Drifter: Fast, ultra-brutal action!

In the action-indie-video-game Dimension Drifter our timeline collapsed centuries ago. Since then ancient gods have risen and plunged the entire world into utter total chaos. You are the only one who can stop them. The sheer number of levels are randomly generated at every start and offer tons of action-packed gameplay. Grab your weapons and attack the gods, our 2018 MegaTrainer accompanies you into battle with exclusive and unique Balancing-Codes.


In the video-game Dimension Drifter strange things suddenly began to happen all over the world. Some people started seeing strange creatures and objects and many farmers reported that they found strange crop circles in their corn fields and that their animals were inexplicably slaughtered. This is all due to the collapse of our timeline, which most humans have not even noticed. As a result, mysterious portals opened all over the world, from which countless demons appeared that started a war against humanity. Since then several hundred years have passed in the video-game Dimension Drifter. Most cities no more than ruins. However, some have managed to project plasma domes over their cities to protect themselves and bravely withstand the demon invasion. However, there are some people who have gained superhuman powers. These people are not allowed to live within the safe cities because their powers supposedly come from the demons. These people are called Drifters and they are forced to live as outcasts in the ruins of ancient cities.


The video-game Dimension Drifter is an action-third-person-shooter with a comic-graphic-style reminiscent of the video-game Borderlands. To defeat enemies you have a large selection of different firearms and melee weapons at your disposal. The levels in the video-game Dimension Drifter are all randomly composed and infinitely long. Your character can be optically customized to your liking and improved by combinable items, which you can find or get during the game.


As a Drifter, you live the life of an outcast in the video-game Dimension Drifter. You are not allowed to live together with the other people in the safe cities. Instead, you have to live in the ruins of the old world, full of demons. In order to survive, our unique Dimension Drifter Trainer provides you with helpful Dimension Drifter Cheats, which get you unlimited ammo and make you invincible with our Godmode Cheat!


  • Customize the look of your character
  • 13 unlockable Steam-Achievements
  • Randomly generated, endless levels
  • Thousands of combinable items
  • Changeable storyline
  • Comic-graphic-style
  • Fluid gameplay


The video-game Dimension Drifter is an action-game developed and published by the US-American indie-developer-studio Blue Eagle Productions, which is run by Paul Schneider alone. The game has been in Early-Access on Steam since 28 September 2018 and is available for Microsoft Windows.

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