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01.05.2012 • 7 Codes

DiRT 3: Dirty and yet great!

DiRT 3 is part of the award-winning DiRT-series which also includes DiRT Showdown. DiRT 3 really is a great rally racing game that integrates for the first time brand new content, wicked steam achievements and highly competitive leader boards. Impersonating a devil driver, you hop into iconic cars from 50 years off-road motorsport history and meet the challenges of adventurous races on three continents.
Game Profile
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Codemasters
Release Year: 2011
Game Modes: Singleplayer , ,

DiRT 3 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Unlimited Flashbacks
This cheat grants you unlimited rewinds during races!
Prepare for cheats
The prepare for cheats is required for the race-timer, the Gymkhana-/drift-points and for the gears of the opponents!
+50.000 Gymkhana-/drift-points
The cheat for Gymkhana-/drift-points acts both in drift events and in Gymkhana events!
Race-timer -20 seconds
The cheat for the race-timer is only effective during normal events (like rally or race). This cheat especially is useful for the rally, but not during Gymkhana- or drift-Events!!
Opponents max 1st gear
The cheats for the gears of the opponents act during all events: Rally, race and Head-to-Head finale!
Opponents max 2nd gear
The cheats for the gears of the opponents act during all events: Rally, race and Head-to-Head finale!
Opponents no gear
The cheats for the gears of the opponents act during all events: Rally, race and Head-to-Head finale!

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  • DiRT 3 Cheats with the same ID cannot be used at the same time.



The brilliantly selected locations-like the African National Parks, the picturesque forests of North America and the branched off-road trails in Finland-do the rest to get this racing game down pat. In addition to the extensive campaign there are several other game modes like Rallycross, Trailblazer, Landrush and many daring freestyle events. No matter what game mode you play, be it single player, split screen or the online multiplayer mode, DiRT 3 is and shall remain breath-taking! At the beginning of DiRT 3 you click your way through the beautifully designed menu, work your way through the numerous options and choose the right tournament. All modes and challenges are introduced with unique cut scenes that create an evocative rally atmosphere. The hallmark of DiRT 3 is the extremely high operating comfort. Regardless of whether you operate with steering wheel, gamepad or keyboard, DiRT 3 always makes you feel that you have your car under control. This easy operation exists especially because of the freely adjustable shaking effects. Those are the reason why you become aware of each bump and why you immediately feel it when your racer loses traction or seems to break rank. Thus your sensibility concerning the pedal and brake and your nuances made by steering particularly decide over victory and defeat!


The more than 20 hour campaign sends you and your sport cars around the globe: From Africa to Northern Europe, from Southern Europe and the UK back to North America. In addition to the heavy rainy slopes, DiRT 3 now-for the first time-comes up with snowy and icy routes as well. Those will put your driving skills to the test. The successfully staged weather effects exude an incredibly authentic rally-charm that is unparalleled. Rally can be so badass! By the time all your competitors are already out of track and your wipers capitulate to the stormy weather, you will learn that the hard way. But it is common knowledge that you grow with new challenges. Well, DiRT 3 has a lot of them! Of course, there are also quite simple scenarios such as the downtown circuit in Monaco. The ordinary track through the sunny city offers a welcome change to the otherwise rather dusty, muddy or snowy off-road trails. The campaign of DiRT 3 does not hide the fact that the tasks and challenges successively become more demanding. It is not enough to be faster than your competitors. You also have to complete all the jumping and drift stunts without any failures. That's even trickier than it sounds, but also very entertaining! Donuts, U-turns, ramp jumps, as-long-as-possible drifts, minimum speeds-all this and much more has to be mastered perfectly in DiRT 3. Similar to the varied challenges the selection of routes is almost even more versatile. DiRT 3 has over 98 routes-and each one is nicer, dirtier and more dangerous than the other. The perfectly staged landscapes couldn’t be more impressive. DiRT 3 is indeed dirty concerning the gameplay and yet great concerning the presentation!


Put the pedal to the metal! Get our MegaTrainer and you get a lot of points and may influence the timer in any of the corresponding game modes! But all the other DiRT 3 cheats affect all game modes that can be played. Thus you receive endless flashbacks and you may lower the gears of your opponents. Now you can correct every mistake, let your competitors drive in the first or second gear and thus let them far behind your own car. What great fun! Activate the DiRT 3 Trainer now! It is dirty and wild!


  • Iconic cars from 50 years of off-road motorsport history
  • Comprehensive campaign and many more game modes
  • Split screen- and online multiplayer mode
  • Adventurous races on three continents
  • Sophisticated steam achievements
  • Highly competitive leaderboards
  • Inspiring weather effects

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