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Desert Rats vs. Africa Korps: WW2 in Africa!

Desert Rats vs. Africa Korps places you in the heat of battle between legendary generals Montgomery and Rommel during the North Africa campaign of World War II from both the Axis’ and Allies’ perspective.
Game Profile
Publisher: Monte Cristo, Slitherine Ltd.
Developer: Flashback Games, The Lordz Games Studio
Release Year: 2004
Game Modes: Singleplayer

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Prepare for battle in the rugged desert landscape by selecting the right combination of units, combat vehicles and tactics. Stunning graphics and audio are constantly on display with real time shadows, damage effects and explosions that contribute to the exhilarating atmosphere that only Desert Rats vs. Africa Korps can deliver!


Variety of Units: More than 70 different units are available, each with its own complementary characteristics, including eight specialized soldiers (rifleman, scout, machine gunner, medic, sapper, flamethrower, sniper, grenade launcher) and seven categories of vehicles (recon, tank, anti-tank artillery, anti-air artillery, transport, air support) unite to form the player's armies. Cutting Edge 3D Technology: Provides the game with natural looking desert terrain, beautiful lighting and shadow effects, realistic unit animations and movement, and breathtaking special effects. Enhanced Combat Realism: Every vehicle and building can be captured; front, side and rear armor are taken into account; only fully-crewed vehicles are 100% operational. In addition, every vehicle can acquire up to three levels of experience upon successfully completing a mission. Pause feature allows players to think over their tactics at anytime and to schedule up to three orders per unit. Deep Single Player Experience: Desert Rats vs. Africa Korps presents an unparalleled single player experience which includes a management phase at the beginning of each mission to prepare for battle. The story-driven campaign spans 20 missions ranging from recon operations to large-scale battles for desert fortresses. Multiplayer Gaming: Five different multiplayer modes including death match and capture the flag are available via Gamespy or LAN for up to four players.


  • Variety of Units More than 70 different units are available
  • Multiplayer Gaming, Five different multiplayer modes
  • Deep Single Player Experience
  • Cutting Edge 3D Technology
  • Enhanced Combat Realism

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