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13.09.2018 • 5 Codes

Dehumanized: The Strength of the Beast!

The 2018 Indie-video-game Dehuamnized is a classic roguelite-sidescroller-action-video-game. After alien meteorites crashed all over the world a plague spread shortly after. Nasty beasts now rule the land and mankind has been banished into exile. Carol is searching for her brother in this crazy world, to make sure that you are not alone on the journey the 2018 MegaTrainer provides you with support in the form of balancing codes.
Game Profile
Publisher: SakuraGame
Developer: BurningDust Games
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Dehumanized Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Open your inventory then activate the prepare! This option prepares the game for other codes. It should be activated first, otherwise the other cheats won't work properly!
+5 Coins
Increases your coins by the displayed value!
0 Coins
Resets the previously mentioned attributes back to 0!
Infinite usables
This cheat provides you with unlimited items!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

Special Hint

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The video-game Dehumanized takes place on a fictitious island called Capitol Island. After several alien meteorites crashed on Capitol Island, a deadly plague spread all over the region. With the illness also came extraterrestrial monsters, which took over the world and suppressed mankind. In the video-game Dehumanized you take over the role of Carol, whose brother is affected by the plague. She decides to travel to Capitol Island in search of a cure for the disease.


The video-game Dehumanized is a roguelite-action-sidescroller with role-playing-elements. You control the protagonist Carol through 2D-platformer-levels full of deadly traps and enemies. To take on the monsters, you have a variety of crazy weapons, items and skills at your disposal that can be upgraded. The video-game Dehumanized also features many boss fights. The bosses are varied and have their own attacking methods. In order to defeat them, you always have to come up with new strategies.


In the video-game Dehumanized you fight your way through a world dominated by alien monsters to find a cure for your terminally ill brother. To save your brother from certain death, our fantastic Dehumanized Trainer provides you with some helpful Dehumanized Cheats that will help you defend yourself against the monsters. Our +5 Coins cheat increases your in-game currency by the displayed value and with our infinite usables cheat you get unlimited items. To compete against the masses of evil alien monsters, use our Godmode cheat, which makes you invulnerable! For fans of very difficult games, our hardcore-cheat, which resets your Coins to 0, is the perfect thing!


  • Upgrade your character and change the course of the game
  • Search for a cure for your terminally ill brother
  • Big variety of different opponents
  • Find hidden rooms and NPCs
  • Randomly generated levels
  • Fight evil alien monsters


The video-game Dehumanized is a Roguelite-sidescroller-action-RPG developed by indie-developer BurningDust Games and published by SakuraGame. SakuraGame is a video-game-publisher who specializes in publishing Japanese anime style games. The video-game Dehumanized has been on the market since July 12, 2018 and is available for Microsoft Windows.

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