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Defense Grid - The Awakening: Greater than any other Tower Defense!

The game principle of Defense Grid - The Awakening is very easy to explain, but nevertheless it carries stunning tactical depth within! Basically, Defense Grid - The Awakening is all about the following: hordes of monsters attack your headquarters to gain your popular energy source. Therefore you construct countless towers and other defenses to prevent the nasty aliens of fulfilling their desire...
Game Profile
Publisher: Hidden Path Entertainment
Developer: Hidden Path Entertainment
Release Year: 2008
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Defense Grid - The Awakening Cheats

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This cheat gives you directly on activation 5.000 resources and increase the collected resources as well. So in the moment you disable the cheat, you'll get another big amount of resources depending on the time you played with this cheat.

Important is to disable the cheat after a short time but at latest before the mission is completed, because otherwise you'll also complete the mission with 5.000 points only!

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The developers have dressed Defense Grid - The Awakening in a beautiful setting and have installed spectacular effects as well as a bombastic soundtrack that provide the atmosphere of a unique experience! But before you lose yourself playing Defense Grid - The Awakening, you should rethink your tactics: Your arsenal includes fire guns, which burn the advancing enemies down, futuristic special towers, which enable deadly laser systems, epic towers, which slow your enemies, or which make them to take detours, etc..


The aliens for sure are no less advanced, though, and thus always make use of new methods to attack - to which you should respond accordingly! The mighty turrets, the brilliant special attacks, the variety of enemies, the different levels, the unique environments, the incredible upgrades and the high replay value emboss the success of Defense Grid - The Awakening, which outshines all other Tower Defense Games!


Thanks to the Cheats of our MegaTrainer, you will receive numerous resources that you urgently need to build up all the defenses whenever you need them! For the Defense Grid - The Awakening Trainer only knows one credo: Your offense is your best defense!


  • Great arsenal of turrets and special attacks
  • Sophisticated tactical events
  • Incredibly intelligent AI
  • Superb graphics

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