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01.05.2012 • 6 Codes

Defenders of Ardania: Tower defense of the next generation!

In comparison to conventional tower defense games such as OTTTD, Defenders of Ardania is an absolute novelty! Defenders of Ardania extends the classic gameplay - aka fending off growing enemy hordes with destructive towers - to the effect that the player is given the opportunity to recruit his own army and to conquer the enemy base. With very good reason, this new game is considered as the tower defense game of the next generation.
Game Profile
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Most Wanted Entertainment
Release Year: 2012
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Defenders of Ardania Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This cheat prepares the game for other cheats. It should be activated first, otherwise the other cheats won't work properly!
999 Towers per level
Hereby you can ignore the normal tower-limits for each level and can build up to 999 towers in each level.
With these cheats you can make your units and base indestructible. But in the last level the base-cheat won't help against the final boss!
Infinite money + no AI money
Provides you with unlimited money!
With these cheats you can make your units and base indestructible. But in the last level the base-cheat won't help against the final boss!

Special Hint

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  • All Defenders of Ardania cheats work for the human player only.
  • On most systems the cheats won't work when you press the hotkeys directly in game. So use Alt+Tab to switch from game to trainer and press the hotkeys in trainer to activate them.



The innovative concept of Defenders of Ardania takes the offensive, thus extending the gameplay extremely positive. Each of the three playable races comes up with a wide range of unique locations, towers and units. In addition, Defenders of Ardania presents a colorful repertoire of spells that come into play either for defensive and offensive actions. The attractive fantasy world and the huge selection of towers and units including its surprising stages of development play all a part in contributing that this unique tower defense/offense spectacle becomes the best of its kind…
The gameplay, mainly consisting of defense and attack, turns out to be a blessing. We already know some elements from real-time strategy games: You recruit troops and sound the attack to go for the enemy's headquarters. Your enemy is trying the same. The difference here: Although you command your troops yourself, they storm in several waves to the central building of the enemy. But that's just typical for all tower defense games. Of course, your headquarters will have to deal with approaching enemies very soon, indeed. Thus you build up several towers to teach your adversaries the real meaning of fear. Defenders of Ardania also provides you with highly effective spells and all sorts of enhancements for both troops and towers. It is particularly important to occupy strategically valuable points with your towers in time.


Defenders of Ardania contains a number of special fields that provide your towers with an increased range. There are also places that hold out a respective resource bonus. This innovative concept will ultimately lead to bitter fights in order to gain the supremacy on the map. These processes run extremely tactical. The excellent single player campaign sends you on an adventurous journey that makes you explore the greatness of the fantasy land Ardania. The many locations on which you have to go to battle offer a wealth of variety beyond compare. Regarding the medieval-inspired kingdom of men, your journey leads you to a stone port city, cursed ruins and magically flying cities. The elven ruins catapult you into the deepest jungle. Struggling in these ancient sites, you will eagerly collect clues that will eventually escort you to the land of the undead. This is the most mysterious place, where you meet the challenges of your life!
In general: The fields with the resource bonuses are among the most valuable on the battlefield. But even if you have set up your towers on these fields, it does not mean that the AI won’t do everything to conquer back those valuable places. This constant cat-and-mouse game for occupying the best geostrategic places provides Defenders of Ardania with very exciting dynamics. In addition, many missions contain very different objectives. For example, concerning one scenario, the opponent should not be destroyed yet, but is to be forced into an alliance because sometimes you need allies to wrestle down even stronger adversaries. Additionally, the game becomes particularly exciting in a charming way in which the story of the campaign is told. The characters you meet do not only supply your troops with new types of soldiers, but they usually have a joke on their lips no matter how bad the situation may be. In addition, all of the maps bear names that are reminiscent of various rock songs and relevant book titles. Defenders of Ardania makes everything just right: The humor, graphics, sound, mission design and tactical claim. This explosive mixture ought to be an absolute must for any genre fan!


Pow! Get a grip and enable the MegaTrainer now! Only by activating our cheats you get the Godmode for both your units and your headquarters. In addition, our cheats make your money coffers overflow and reduce the money supplies of your opponents as well. Isn’t that nice? Furthermore, our cheats empower you to construct up to 999 towers in each level. After all, you can afford it anyways! This makes you perform a real firework every time your enemies dare to penetrate into your territory! Thus you see: Get hold of the Defenders of Ardania Trainer and all of your offensive maneuvers will be crowned with success!


  • Brilliant mixture of tower defense and real-time strategy
  • More than 24 upgradeable towers with unique upgrades
  • Over 24 units with different abilities
  • Innovative and yet amazing game-play
  • Pronounced demanding dynamics
  • Great story with great humor
  • Creative mission design

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