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05.12.2018 • 15 Codes

Deep Rock Galactic -Bring light into darkness!

The first-person-action-shooter Deep Rock Galactic, which has been in Early-Access since the startof 2018, yougo underground. Slip into the role of one of the four dwarf classes andexplore the randomly generated cave systems and dig ever further under the earth. The premium Cheats and Training-Codes from our exclusive 2018 Trainer will light up your way through the darkness!
Game Profile
Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios
Developer: Ghost Ship Games
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

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The video-game Deep Rock Galacticis about four dwarf miners who want to search the underground for treasures and raw materials. But first they have to dig deep into the ground. Everyone has their own abilities, gadgets and tasks and knows exactly what to do. Beside riches they digup something else in the video-game Deep Rock Galactic. In the depths there are other creatures hiding, and they are not happy to be disturbed.


The video-game Deep Rock Galactic is a first-person-action-shooter that is best played with three more players. If you don't have anyone to play with, it's no problem, as the game can also be played alone. In the video-game Deep Rock Galactic you can choose between four different classes with different abilities: Engineer, who is armed with a shotgun and a grenade launcher, Gunner, who has a minigun and a pistol, Miner, who specializes in digging tunnels and Scout, who is equipped with an Assault Rifle and a grappling hook. Your task in the video-game Deep Rock Galactic is to fight your way through unlit, randomly generated cave systems.


In the video-game Deep Rock Galactic you getinto dark corridors and deep cave systems. To keep the monsters lurking in the dark off your back, our unique Deep Rock Galactic Trainer offers many fantastic Deep Rock Galactic Cheats! With our No Reload Cheat and our Infinite Ammo and Infinite Grenade Cheats you don't have to worry about ammunitionanymore.Our Super Speed Cheat allows you to quickly move through the cave systems and our No Heat Cheat ensures that you won't get hot when you encounter lava.


  • Large arsenal of weapons and gadgets
  • Randomlygenerated dungeons
  • Destructible environment
  • 4 player-co-op-mode
  • 4 unique classes


The video-game Deep Rock Galactic was developed by a Danish indie-developer-studio called Ghost Ship Games. The game is a first-person-action-multiplayer-shooter distributed by Coffee Stain Publishing. The game is currently under development and isavailable, since February 28, 2018, as a Microsoft exclusive title, in Early Accessfor Microsoft Windows on Steam, and for Xbox Oneon Xbox Preview.

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