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08.06.2019 • 9 Codes
Game Profile
Publisher: Jujubee S.A.
Developer: Jujubee S.A.
Release Year: 2019
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Deep Diving Simulator Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Num 0
This cheat prepares the game for other cheats. It should be activated first, otherwise the other cheats won't work properly!
Num 1
Refill Flashlight
Gives you unlimited energy for your flashlight!
Reset Stress
Lowers the stress level of your character to 0!
+100 XP
Increases your experience according to the displayed level!
Infinite Oxygen
Provides you with unlimited oxygen!
+1,000 XP
Increases your experience according to the displayed level!
Infinite Flashlight
Gives you unlimited energy for your flashlight!

Special Hint

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Deep Diving Simulator: Explore the depths of the oceans!

Deep Diving Simulator shows you the breathtaking and beautiful world hidden behind the ocean’s surface. Put on your diving suit and explore unexplored waters in search of ancient, valuable relics. In addition to the energy of your flashlight, you always have to keep an eye on your oxygen consumption. Become the ultimate professional diver with our 2019 MegaTrainer.


In the video-game Deep Diving Simulator you can already imagine that you are playing a diver. But you don't just go diving as you please, you work for Professor Adams. He wants you to search for relics on the seabed and help him explore unexplored waters. In the video-game Deep Diving Simulator you will discover many unsolved secrets, such as the sunken city of Atlantis. But beware of the dangers of the oceans, like sharks, rays or even underwater mines.


The video-game Deep Diving Simulator is a diving-simulation. Another offshoot from this genre is the 2014 video-game Depth Hunter 2 - Deep Dive. You play a diver from the first-person-perspective and explore the most diverse waters, from clear, blue seas and colorful coral reefs full of life, too polluted waters filled with shipwrecks. You should always keep an eye on your oxygen and water pressure. Your task is to search for ancient, valuable relics and bring them to Professor Adams. As a reward, you will receive new equipment that will allow you to dive deeper or swim in other waters for example. In the video-game Deep Diving Simulator you should not be unarmed during your dives, because the sea is full of creatures that see you either as a threat or as a meal.


Diving can be dangerous in the video-game Deep Diving Simulator, especially if you suddenly run out of oxygen or are attacked by a shark out of nowhere. Fortunately, our fantastic Deep Diving Simulator Trainer provides you with 9 unique Deep Diving Simulator Cheats that will make your dives easier! Thanks to our Refill Flashlight and Refill Oxygen Cheats you will never run out of light or air. Increase your experience points and your level with our +100/+1,000 XP and +1 Level Cheats. Use our Reset Stress Cheat if the dangers of the ocean gradually become too much for you.


  • Beware of the dangers of the ocean
  • 20 unlockable Steam Achievements
  • Receive rewards for your findings
  • Watch your oxygen and pressure
  • Explore unexplored waters
  • Unlock new equipment
  • Discover new species
  • Collect ancient relics


The video-game Deep Diving Simulator is available for Windows PC and was released on May 27, 2019, on Steam. The simulation-game was developed and released by the Polish indie-video-game-developer and publisher-studio Jujubee. Deep Diving Simulator is supported in 12 languages and also features controller-support.

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