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07.07.2016 • 4 Codes

Deadlight - Directors Cut: pretty, varied and very tough!

By the release of Deadlight - Directors Cut in June 2016, the developers of Tequila Works and Abstraction Games present a brand new remake of the classic side-scroller survival horror game that has first appeared in August 2012 for Xbox 360 and in October 2012 for PC. Therein a zombie apocalypse has destroyed all hope of a normal life. Thus you pursue only one goal in this bleak and devastated world: managing your survival! This works best with the codes of our latest MegaTrainer. Being equipped with infinite ammo and Godmode the zombies will really fall on hard times...
Game Profile
Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: Abstraction Games, Tequila Works
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Deadlight - Directors Cut Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite ammo
If you activate this cheat your clip-ammo will still be decreased, but reload if for free.
Infinite stamina
This cheat increases your stamina while running an fighting.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
No reload
With this cheat your ammo in clip won't decreased, so you don't need to reload at any time.

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As already mentioned: Deadlight - Directors Cut from 2016 is the brilliant remake of Deadlight from 2012. In contrast to the revised gameplay the engaging storyline hasn't changed much.
The brand new video game is set in the year 1986: the world's population has been decimated by an evil virus. Many infected individuals, however, were transformed into horrible zombies - the so-called shadows...
Your protagonist in the game lives in Seattle and is called Randall Wayne. Wrestling with the confusion of the outbreak, he has lost his wife Shannon and his daughter Lydia. Together with your friend Ben, a policeman named Sam and his two sisters Stella and Karla you will hereinafter try to reunite your family again.
At the beginning of the game Ben, Sam and Stella return to a warehouse. There you'll meet Randall that shoots Karla in her face – since she was infected with the virus. This results in a bitter dispute. But you'll be promptly interrupted by incoming zombie hordes.
However, the shadows are not your only enemies in Deadlight - Directors Cut. A paramilitary unit called 'New Order' goes also hunting after any survivors – including you! The reasons for this? You'll have to find out by yourself!
After several battles and flights by helicopter you may end up not only facing a huge zombie army but also putting a stop to the henchmen of the 'New Order'.


In this case, the video game Deadlight - Directors Cut from 2016 really proves as being a classical Jump 'n' Run which presents different kinds of puzzles – all based on the renowned Unreal Engine 3. A substantial element represents your constant flight from numerically superior zombies.
As far as your opponents are concerned you're relatively defenseless, especially your endurance is greatly limited. However, your stamina will be needed to perform certain actions such as jumping, running and climbing. Also for attacking with your ax and other smashing actions your endurance will be consumed. During the course of the game you may collect nice weapons like pistols and shotguns. However, the ammunition is of course very limited. Rightly so! Otherwise, Deadlight - Directors Cut wouldn’t be a classic side-scroller survival horror game.
The terms survival and horror are written in capital letters here! Consequently, there will be no way you can save your game progress freely. Very often you have to overcome long distances and difficult passages in the first place before you may reach a so-called 'Safe Point'.
The backgrounds of the game, especially the onset of the infection and the separation from your wife Shannon and your daughter Lydia, is told in playable flashbacks piece by piece.
The cut scenes are produced innovatively. They take place in a form of still images displayed with inspiring music.
The bottom line is: Deadlight - Directors Cut from 2016 presents an exciting 2D platform gameplay including extravagant puzzles and breathtaking hazards. Either you chop up the zombies during melee or you may use your environment to evade them unnoticed. Provided that there are limited resources open fight is not always the best solution!


It is clear as day: the best solution is, of course, to use the latest MegaTrainer from 2016 and its codes. For doing this you'll get infinitely much stamina. The tactical advantage is more than obvious: from henceforth you shalt jump, run, climb and use your ax as much as you want. The same goes for your firearms. Finally, the exclusive Deadlight - Directors Cut cheats make you receive any amount of ammunition and permanent full magazine. The meaning of this? From now on you'll shoot as if stung by an adder. Your enemies will perish unsung by an infernal hail of bullets! For this purpose you may active Godmode as well! It is plain as a pikestaff: playing along with the latest Deadlight - Directors Cut Trainer from 2016 not you but the zombies will be scared to death in this exciting horror survival adventure!


  • New weapons such as machine guns, molotov cocktails and sniper rifles in online mode
  • Nerve-wrecking Survival Arena mode fighting against endless zombies
  • Exciting 2D platform gameplay including breathtaking hazards
  • Very limited endurance and very limited weapons ammunition
  • Playable flashbacks and innovatively produced cut-scenes
  • Completely redesigned gameplay with a compelling story
  • Breathtaking battles against numerically superior beasts
  • Extravagant puzzles in gloomy and destroyed world
  • Outstanding controls and sensational animations
  • Atmospheric graphics and very nice sound
  • Based on the renowned Unreal 3 Engine


As far as the reviews of German trade press is concerned, they reached various judgements to Deadlight. PC Games praised the PC version as “generally very successful”, celebrated the “oppressively beautiful, high-contrast images” and “the melancholy theme music”. Criticized, however, was the story as well as the necessary frustration tolerance facing death all the time. The critics of Gamepro, however, praised exactly the story and atmosphere: “(...)thanks to the great story and the dense atmosphere [I had] a lot of joy playing this zombie platformer. The constant fear of the shadows, the background music, the pretty and varied environments - these are the decisive features by which Deadlight fascinates me” Whether the reviews were right or not one thing is certain: this brilliant remake from 2016 should gag the critical press for all times, especially since Deadlight - Directors Cut is nothing but pretty, varied and tough – in a word: a fantastic side-scrolling survival horror adventure!

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