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01.05.2012 • 7 Codes

Nobody hears you scream in space

The fifth title of the Dead Space franchise Dead Space 3 leads us as Isaac Clark back into the fight against hideous creatures. This time we are on the search for the origin of the Necromorphs that leads us through several intermediate stations on a planet that will reveal the secret. To help you in the fight against the Necromorphs we have some useful cheats in our MegaTrainer!
Game Profile
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Visceral Games
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Dead Space 3 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
The cheat makes you invulnerable.
Unlimited oxygen
With these cheats your temperature (only on the planet), your stase or your oxygen (only in space) will be freezed.
Unlimited temperature
With these cheats your temperature (only on the planet), your stase or your oxygen (only in space) will be freezed.
Unlimited stase
With these cheats your temperature (only on the planet), your stase or your oxygen (only in space) will be freezed.
50.000 resources
Your amount of resources will be set to 50.000.
No reload
You get infinite ammo and don't need to reload.

Special Hint

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  • All cheats work for the human player only.


We will be accompanied by John Carver, which assists us in a certain section of the game. For the first time in the series you are playing on a planet and not only on space stations and space in short excursions, there are now also cities to explore on the planet. The planet poses new challenges, because it is frozen. So you must always keep in mind your body temperature so you have to look for fires or other heat sources because you quickly die else. In addition, it often comes to avalanches that demand a quick response. Included again are of course the many Necromorphs, which all require a different approach. So it is necessary for some aliens to put them in stasis, so they freeze for a few seconds in time, so you can escape. After all, some of the aliens are immortal and the only way to survive is to escape. For other aliens it is advisable to specifically shoot them in the limbs to stop their attack. However, sometimes you fight against people who belong to a cult and want to dissuade you from your projects. Dead Space 3 offer you again a wide selection of ready-made weapons with which you have the right tools in your hand against all types of Necromorphs. It is now also possible to build weapons self of individual parts and thus to create an ultimate weapon. In addition, you can also improve your weapons and serve so more damage. For building and improving the weapons you need several different resources, which you can find in the game in boxes and killed aliens. However resources are rarely and you have so wisely decide how you want to use them. Plans for new weapons and better armor you can find also distributed in the game, sometimes behind closed doors, which you have to open with a specific and limited key item which you can find in the game.

Bold steps away from the predecessors

For the first time it is possible in Dead Space 3 to play cooperatively with a partner who takes the role of John Carver, but he partially experienced a completely different game. So it is possible that he is fighting against aliens, while we see him standing next to us in our game. The partner could at any time enter or leave your game without that you will be negatively affected. In addition to this new feature is also the focus of the game now more towards action and thus returns from some of the subtle horror of the prequels. Also there is an in-game shop implemented in this part, which allows players for real money to purchase resources for the game and so faster and easier progress through the game, because the resources in the game are very scarce. The graphics are usually at a high level, but it is visible in some places that the game was developed in parallel for the consoles. What new is is that you can test your self-made weapons against onrushing alien hordes in a particular game mode, so you develop a good feeling what weapon in combat is useful and what you need to optimize again.


  • next part of the popular and critically acclaimed franchise
  • co-op mode in which the partner may enter or exit at any time
  • ingame Store
  • mostly very good graphics
  • new enemies
  • some new weapons and suits
  • planet including cities as a new location with new dangers

Support against the Necromorphs and the planet - The Dead Space 3 Trainer

To help you in the fight against the Necromorphs and the nature of the ice planet we have some useful cheats in our MegaTrainer for Dead Space 3. So could freeze your body temperature or the oxygen supply to the current value and being able to move so freely on the planet or in space. If the limited amount of stasis is not enough for you, you can also make these used indefinitely by Dead Space 3 trainer. Who fast become annoyed by the mini-games, the Dead Space 3 trainer helps with the hack-timer-cheat which removes the timer so that you could solve the mini-games easily. If you have not enough of the rare resources for your desired weapon just use our Dead Space 3 MegaTrainer and you already have more than needed. Of course godmode and the no-reload-cheat are also back again for this game. Thus, you have the full package of useful Dead Space 3 cheats and your search for the origin of the Necromorphs can start relaxed.

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