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19.01.2018 • 9 Codes

Darkwood: Horror from a completely new perspective!

The 2017 released video-game Darkwood is a survival-horror-game in which you have to do everything in your power to survive against hordes of monster and escape a mysterious unforgiving forest. Are you up to the task? If you need some, our 2018 MegaTrainer has got your back with exclusive cheats & codes!
Game Profile
Publisher: Acid Wizard Studio
Developer: Acid Wizard Studio
Release Year: 2017
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Darkwood Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Unlimited ammo
Provides you with unlimited ammo!
Unlimited stamina
This cheat increases your stamina while running an fighting.
Infinite item durability
Causes an infinite item-durability!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Low item durability
These cheats make your survival harder.
Low stamina
These cheats make your survival harder.
Low health
These cheats make your survival harder.
Full item stacks (open inventory)
This cheat provides you with unlimited items!
Free crafting
No restrictions by crafting special items, etc.

Special Hint

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In the video-game Darkwood you take on the role of a nameless protagonist. You wake up in a forest without any memory of how you got there. Naturally, your first instinct is to find a way out of the forest. It turns out to be a lot more difficult than you first imagined since the woods are home to evil and mysterious creatures. During your escape in the video-game Darkwood, you will encounter different characters who all have their own background stories. The side-characters will give you new quests and by fulfilling them you will slowly but surely unearth all the secrets of the woods and hopefully find a way out!


The video-game Darkwood is played in the top-down perspective and takes place in a forest. During daytime, you have the possibility to explore the randomly generated world. The most important thing for you is the collection of resources. You'll need them to create and craft new weapons, traps and other useful items, which will help you later on. You can also use plants from your environment to craft new substances with which to inject yourself to unlock new skills - but not all substances will have a positive effect- be careful! As soon as the sun begins to set in the video-game Darkwood the real horror starts! You should make sure to retreat to your shelter as soon as possible. Nighttime is when the monstrous creatures rule the woods!


In the video-game Darkwood you will find yourself alone in an eerie forest. As if that wasn't bad enough dangerous creatures live there as well and are out to get you! You are forced to defend yourself and kill as many as possible. Easier said than done! Thanks to our amazing Darkwood Cheats from our excellent Darkwood Trainer you will still come out on top and find a way out of this treacherous hellhole! The unlimited ammo/ stamina/item durability cheats provide you with everything you need! With the Full item stacks Cheat you get unlimited items and if that's not enough, try our Godmode Cheat, which makes you invincible!


  • 15 unlockable Steam Achievements
  • Free exploration of the game world
  • Frightening horror atmosphere
  • Interesting characters
  • Top-down perspective
  • Semi-open world


The video-game Darkwood is a survival-horror-game released in August 2017. The game was developed and published by the Polish Indie-Video game developer Acid Wizard Studio. The game is available for Windows PC and MAC OS X.

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