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Darksiders: Betrayal, deception and revenge

Darksiders, developed by Vigil Games, is an action-adventure game that will lead you back in the middle of the apocalypse. Humanity is the victim of a dark conspiracy: Obscure creatures accelerated the outcome of doomsday. They sent demons to waste the whole earth. You jump into the role of a horseman of the apocalypse. Originally, the riders should monitor the end of the world. But the betrayal of their leader, oblige them to ride with their phantom horses into battle against the forces of the mastermind of the conspiracy.
Game Profile
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Developer: Vigil Games
Release Year: 2010
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Darksiders Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Unlimited wrath/rage
By this cheat your wrath/rage will be set to maximum until you disable it.
50.000 blue souls
By this cheat you'll get 50.000 blue souls which you can use to buy upgrades from Vulgrim.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

Special Hint

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  • All Darksiders cheats work for the human player only.



Instead of saving the world, which already is in ruins anyway, you pull off to track down the real culprit: the destroyer. The only one you can bank on is your mighty sword chaos eater - an ideal tool to chop off the devious heads of demons, zombies and mutant animals. In addition, with the help of your Phantom horses you will blow a trail of destruction in the enemy’s position. The duels in Darksiders usually end with you performing a final strike to blast your opponents. In short: a bloody game which is excellently staged.


The various options allow you to develop an individual style of fighting and refine - almost like a “Zelda” game. The extraordinary drawn scenes guarantee Goosebumps. The slow motion finishing moves, with which you send your adversary to kingdom come, reveal the tough character of this game. If you like an apocalyptic scenery, action and role playing games and to lead armies into bloody battles, you will have much fun playing Darksiders. The game also impresses with the orchestral soundtrack, which mightily contributes to awaken associations with God of War. The well-tempered mix of exploration, intelligent puzzles, well-designed boss battles and many challenging battles offers a unique experience.


If the world is scheduled to go down, you will surely want to have a say in this matter. Our MegaTrainer provides you with the necessary tools, to enable your apocalyptic rider to call the shots. Use the cheats and gain infinite blue souls. With this “currency” you grab all the weapons and skills you need to destroy the creatures of evil. To keep your objective in view, just add infinite anger. Now your rider performs his special attacks every time you desire it. Attacking with insane combos you’ll teach the demons, who really is about to determine the date of doomsday. If too many of these obscure creatures cross your path, unlock the Godmode and become invincible. No matter how! With our Darksiders Trainer you are in charge. You are about to alter the Armageddon!


  • Employ a huge arsenal of weapons, which contains magical devices and modern arms
  • Use almost any object of the game environment against your enemies
  • Experience action-packed battles and epic adventures
  • Combine powerful attacks with supernatural powers
  • Explore your surroundings without restrictions
  • Control the Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  • Improve your skills continuously
  • Enhance god-like powers
  • Awesome Graphics

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