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01.05.2012 • 8 Codes

Darksiders 2: “War” and “Death”!

In Darksiders 2 you jump into the role of the apocalyptic rider with the descriptive name "Death" that wants to rehabilitate the name of his brother "War". The story of the first part Darksiders is linked with this new act. The MegaTrainer offers you some nice cheats that will help your rider to perform best: These cheats improve your skills and give you infinitely more rage: Now your revenge can take its course!
Game Profile
Publisher: Nordic Games, THQ Nordic
Developer: Vigil Games
Release Year: 2012
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Darksiders 2 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Unlimited ammo
By this cheat you get unlimited ammo and can shoot as often you like.
Unlimited wrath/rage
By this cheat your wrath/rage will be set to maximum until you disable it.
Unlimited horse-stamina
If you like to sprint with your horse infinite long, activate this cheat to give it unlimited stamina for it.
+5.000 Gold
With help of these cheats you can increase your gold, blue crystals experiences or skillpoints with each keypress.
+500 Experiences
With help of these cheats you can increase your gold, blue crystals experiences or skillpoints with each keypress.
+5 Skillpoints
With help of these cheats you can increase your gold, blue crystals experiences or skillpoints with each keypress.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
This cheat is a combination of a godmode (be immortal) and one-hit-kill to kill your opponents with one single hit. You should use this only if necessary and apart from that the normal godmode, because otherwise it can cause problems in some situations.

Special Hint

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  • Darksiders 2 cheats with the same ID cannot be used at the same time.



Darksiders 2, developed by THQ, is the follower of the Action surprise hit Darksiders. You take the role of an apocalyptic rider with the concise name “Death” who is eager to rehabilitate the name of his brother “War”. We recall: In the first Darksiders “War” was blamed of initiating doomsday way too early. The story of the first part is naturally linked to the new action. The game world is bigger this time, the Dungeons more extensive, the advanced weapons even more deadly and your opponents more monstrous. “Death”, the most feared Horseman of the Apocalypse is determined to set out and save mankind. But “Death” must recognize on his way that yet more secret and terrible things are lurking on his paths through the Armageddon. An ancient power of darkness threatens the whole of creation.


An epic journey leads Death in Darksiders 2 through very different levels - sometimes bright and cheerful, sometimes barren and bleak - while he does everything possible to redeem his brother “War”. Blood splatters little. But by performing brutal combos “Death” shows his opponent that he can be a real pain in the ass. You will encounter worlds that older beings as he have already forgotten. He fights his way through dungeons where he meets monsters of yesteryear. He cooperates with creatures that cannot be trusted. In short: he is willing to do anything to save “War”. If you want the creatures to show some respect, you will bitterly have to fight for it. You wander through impressive worlds in an extraordinary comic style. The dungeons, puzzles and monsters in Darksiders 2 are stunning. Especially the music is a highlight. Perfectly matched to each of the in-game-worlds in which Death walks, it accompanies his impressive journey in a way that freezes the blood in your veins. But in many ways, especially the imposing boss enemies are the real climax in Darksiders 2. In short, the developers provide a very fast-paced and promising adventure game.


The MegaTrainer offers you some tricks that will give your rider a leg up. Our cheats increase your skill points and your experience. Setting unlimited gold you can constantly pick each item. In order to perform your special attacks all the time you need infinite anger. If that's not enough to convey the dark creatures to eternal nirvana, you just grab infinite ammo and activate the one-hit-kill. This time, we feature also infinite stamina for your horse. Now you only have to activate the Godmode to actually act like the real “Death”: everything that touches you from now on, everyone who stands in your way, will be destroyed. Using our Darksiders 2 Trainer nobody can fool you. The powers of darkness can pack up and go home!


  • Cope with the challenging boss battles
  • Wander across a gigantic game world
  • Experience an epic journey
  • Meet many scary creatures
  • Attack with brutal combos
  • Enjoy the captivating graphics and bombastic sound

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