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01.05.2012 • 7 Codes

Dark: Ready to shudder with Fear?

The creepy vampire action shooter Dark makes you jump into the role of a new-born vampire named Eric Bane. Even if your blood-thirsty character suffers from amnesia, you will still have to search for the one vampire who has bitten you. Luckily and thanks to the cheats of our latest MegaTrainer you can save your game at any point!
Game Profile
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Developer: Realmforge Studios
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Dark Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite saves
As long as this cheat is active, you can save your game as often you like, because the game limit isn't important for you anymore. The cheat sets your current available number of saves to maximum all the time.
Infinite blood-power/energy
With this cheat you'll get infinite blood-power/energy in the game.
+1.000 experiences on open skillmenu
These cheats are all working in the moment you open the skillmenu (default is "TAB" in game).
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
0 power-points on open skillmenu
These cheats are all working in the moment you open the skillmenu (default is "TAB" in game).
5 power-points on open skillmenu
These cheats are all working in the moment you open the skillmenu (default is "TAB" in game).
Instant cooldowns
If you don't like to wait for cooldown of your special-abilities like the "shadow-jump", simply activate this cheat and you can instantly use them again.

Special Hint

Created by:
  • All cheats in the Dark trainer will work for the human player only.
  • Dark cheats with the same ID cannot be used at the same time.
  • On some systems it's necessary to activate the cheats inside the trainer-window and not directly in game! In this case use Alt+Tab in game to switch to the trainer.



This is not just a personal vendetta. No, you need the blood of this mangy vampire, in order to prevent yourself of becoming a soulless monster. Thus you embark on a bloody journey through the nameless city of Dark. For now you are content with the fresh blood of other older vampires that at least helps you pulling through...


Later on, you fight for attaining access to offices, museums, casinos, etc., to get hold of your lifeblood. The more blood you drink, the more supernatural abilities you can learn: Thus, you teleport yourself by shadow, distract enemies by mental manipulations or make yourself invisible for a short amount of time. But do not underestimate the powers of your opponents: UV light generators decimate your forces and armoured soldiers are difficult to suck the blood out of their veins. However you will use the many coverage options to get out of sight of the guards, to move behind them and to strike at the right moment. Especially the nerve-wracking slow passages are making Dark to an action shooter, which has the potential to shudder you with fear...


Thanks to the MegaTrainer you can save at any point and thus are no longer bound to the specified check points. Moreover the Dark Trainer upgrades your experience- and your skill points; hence you can quickly unlock more powerful skills. Another Cheat reduces the waiting time between the uses of your versatile special abilities to a minimum. Finally the Godmode provides immortality. Who gets the shivers now?


  • Wonderful graphics and great animations
  • Unique ways to perform an attack
  • Impressive special abilities
  • Atmospheric sound
  • Hard-core action

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