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04.10.2017 • 5 Codes

Cuphead: Pure chaos and nostalgia!

The 2017 released Cuphead, is a classic run-and-gun game. What´s most special about this game is its unique graphic design, which was heavily inspired by cartoons from the 1930s. Another out standing feature is its difficulty. That’s why you can and should use our exclusive and handmade codes from our 2017 MegaTrainer.
Game Profile
Publisher: StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc.
Developer: StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc.
Release Year: 2017
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Cuphead Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for coins
This cheat prepares the game for other cheats. It should be activated first, otherwise the other cheats won't work properly!
+5 Coins
Increases your gold, according to the displayed value!
Maximum super meter
Your super-meter won't decrease upon using special ablities.
Unlimited lives
Provides you with unlimited lives!
The cheat makes you invulnerable.

Special Hint

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One day the two brothers Cuphead and Mugman stray too far from their home in the video-game Cuphead and find themselves in the Devil´s Casino. They immediately start playing and actually manage to get a winning streak going. Suddenly the owner of the casino, the devil himself, appears and proposes a deal to the two brothers. If they win the next game, they will receive all the prizes in the entire casino. But if they lose, the devil will claim the souls of both of them. The two brothers accept. But like the bets with the devil go, they obviously loose. They beg for mercy and for their lives. The devil bargains with them and sends them out on a quest to collect the souls of other creatures, who are still in debt to him. If they are not successful until midnight of the next day, their souls will belong to him forever. The brothers set out into the magical world of Inkwell Isle in the video-game Cuphead, to find the souls of all the other sinners.


The video-game Cuphead features a co-op mode in which the players slip into the role of the 2 brothers Cuphead and Mugman. The two have little teacups as heads. The game Cuphead mainly consists of boss after boss battle. As a weapon, you use the fingers of the protagonists, which can shoot colorful projectiles. If one of the two players dies, the other has the option of reviving him. However, if both of them die - that means Game Over! In classic sidescroller fashion, you fight one boss after another. As the game progress, all your enemies get harder and harder to beat and the bosses themselves become even crazies, nastier and a whole lot more difficult. Cuphead is a chaotic and very difficult game to beat but it never feels unfair and it is blast to play, especially in co-op with two players.


Is the video-game Cuphead just too difficult for you or are you really struggling with one of the bosses? Then our handmade Cuphead Cheats in our 2017 MegaTrainer are exactly what you are looking for. From unlimited use of your special ability to unlimited lives, we´ve got you covered. If you still die multiple times fighting the same boss, just our Godmode Cheat, courtesy of our Cuphead Trainer!


  • Brilliant and nostalgic 1930s graphic style
  • Insane and crazy boss fights
  • 28 Steam Achievements
  • No QuickTime events
  • Great coop action
  • Tough battles


The indie-video-game Cuphead was developed by StudioMDHR and Microsoft. It was in development for over 7 years and was finally released in September 2017. All animations in the game hand drawn which might be one of the reasons why developing took so long. Since this is a Microsoft exclusive title, the game is only available for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows via Steam or MS Store.

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