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01.05.2012 • 4 Codes

Craft the World: So small and technical skilled

In Craft the World you’re the ruler of a dwarf empire, where you give commands to your vertically challenged subordinates. They execute your orders immediately to expand their habitat – which is of course your empire. The cheats that we provide may lead your dwarves to fame and fortune. First, however, you have to dug!
Game Profile
Publisher: Black Maple Games
Developer: Dekovir Entertainment
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Craft The World Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Freeze portal-time
Hereby you can hold the portals open as long as you like.
With these cheats you'll get infinite mana resp. infinite health to become invulnerable (=godmode).
Infinite Mana
With these cheats you'll get infinite mana resp. infinite health to become invulnerable (=godmode).

Special Hint

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Invade the earth deeper and deeper until you reach fiery lava which not only blocks your way, but also possesses special characteristics which you have to make use of. In the course of Craft the World you’re going to discover numerous layers and all have specific properties so that you’ll never get bored. But in Craft the World, you not only get to dig as the title already suggests. You also have to create several items. Whether these are weapons, building material for your dwarf’s houses or food for the workers, the possibilities are almost infinite. In combination with the necessity of gathering resources, Craft the World also is a simple economy simulation that will remind you of the good times of Dungeon Keeper and Terraria.


Of course also a king of the dwarves will eventually meet resistance, when his subordinates dare to dig too deep. The complexity of the game rises, when it comes to the moment of a battle, because it’s quite a challenging task to handle the big amount of enemies that rush through your tubes. But be sure they are going to be defeated by your elaborate defence. In Craft the world all the things that make strategy games fun come together - and last but not least you can even apply magic.


Our Craft the World Trainer offers you everything you possibly need to lead your dwarves to glory and riches. The cheats we supply, reach beyond granting economic advantages like infinite items, magic advantages or infinite mana. They also provide the God Mode in which you can simply walk through the game without having to waste a thought on tactics or strategy. Who is now the king of the adits?


  • Dozens of items to be manufactured
  • Great fun in ever new layer of earth
  • Tower defence to fight off returning enemies
  • Magic, weapons and economy - a complex world awaits you

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