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01.05.2012 • 3 Codes

Club Manager 2015: One more goal, one more goal, one more goal!

You walk in the footsteps of an ambitious football manager and have only one goal: To bring your team to the top! The soccer simulation Club Manager 2015 not only arouses the football fan in you but also the businessman. Especially since for everyone who wants to win the following applies: you have to operate marketing, get sponsors on board and promote your youth. The cheats of our MegaTrainers will make your life much easier! After all: By the use of it you won't have to care about any sponsors or loans! You will get money in abundance! That's a great goal, isn't it?
Game Profile
Publisher: 2tainment
Developer: Big Blaze Games
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Club Manager 2015 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for credit-cheat (inside credit-menu)
In order to set the credit to 0, first you have to go to the credit menu and enable the prepare for credit-cheat there! Now you can take an high credit and then set it to 0 by using the second cheat: Thus you have increased your club money for free!
All cheats should only be active at the time of use: After usage they should be deactivated!
Set current credit to 0
In order to set the credit to 0, first you have to go to the credit menu and enable the prepare for credit-cheat there! Now you can take an high credit and then set it to 0 by using the second cheat: Thus you have increased your club money for free!
All cheats should only be active at the time of use: After usage they should be deactivated!
+500 million sponsor money on negotiate with side/minor sponsors
The Cheat "sponsors money" only works in the negotiation screen with the sponsors. First, you need to enable the cheat there and then youu have to click on the button for negotiation: Now, the value will be increased by 500 million!

Special Hint

Created by:
  • Club Manager 2015 is a full dynamical game which creates game functions at runtime if needed. For this reason cheats of the Club Manager 2015 trainer can only be activated after the game already used these functions at least one time. Please read and follow our cheat-descriptions to correctly use our trainer!


Yes! That's what Club Manager 2015 is all about: Achieving goals! You jump into the role of an ambitious football manager with a great drive for success and at the end of the game day, when the sun goes down, your thoughts will revolve around the same questions as always: Has your team won? How good stand the chances to enter the next league? To win the Championship? To achieve the trophy? The unique simulation Club Manager 2015 including its eight leagues and several championships that are held in more than 200 countries provide a very high degree of variety! Diversity also is the force behind the many tasks that you have to cope with: You will have to put together your own squad, win the hearts of more and more fans, negotiate with sponsors, recruit promising young players, execute a smart marketing plan and hopefully make the coffers of your team overflow ...


The mere evolution of Club Manager 2015 is as special as the whole game is: What started as a real hobby project is now considered by an impressive number of fans as a real alternative to the football manager games from the big developers like EA or Sega. The success story of this great simulation is nothing but hard-earned! The biggest difference to the football manager games is the absence of a detailed micromanagement. This has two advantages: The seasons of the Club Manager 2015 are much shorter. Secondly, the simulation does not lack to provide its fans with the desired variety and options. Quite the contrary: Your varied tasks include all those areas that a real manager absolutely has to cope with: Stadium construction, trading, youth development, merchandising, sponsorship, training camp and tactics. All of these different task fields offer a rich wealth of options.


Either you decide to deal with some of your tasks automatically or you take care of every little detail all by yourself: This decision is up to you. Moreover the Club Manager 2015 presents an extremely versatile editor that makes it possible to create entire clubs from scratch. Afterwards you may influence the health, the condition values and the experience of your players. These values help you to understand why your players become better or worse throughout the season. And it is really necessary to know the abilities and chances of your own team. During the negotiations with the sponsors you will have to determine objectives and to promise successes that must be achieved at all costs. Otherwise the sponsor is history! Whoever wants to achieve the highest premiums has to win trophies for better or for worse!

Healthy balance

The merchandising also calls for caution and a proper sense of realism. How many jerseys, shirts, cups, pens, etc. do you want to produce? And at what price should they be sold? These are important matters you have to think of. If you have hundreds of articles for sale at the end of the season, they will only be good for the trash! But if they are sold out after two months already, you will lose extra income! Thus Club Manager 2015 calls for a healthy balance in all things you pursue: The cost of the ticket prices and the stadium expansions must be considered as well as all the player salaries and the expenses for training and equipment. Generally speaking: The more successfully your team is, the more money flows into your coffers. Basically, Club Manager 2015 is characterized by a motivating, fast gameplay. Every player wants more and more-according to the motto: One more goal, one more goal, one more goal...


  • Eight leagues and several championships in over 200 countries
  • Impact on health, fitness and experience of the players
  • Stadium construction, trading, promotion of youth
  • Merchandising, sponsorship, training camps
  • Pronounced and very extensive editor
  • Wealth of options and possibilities
  • A high degree of realism
  • Best graphics

One more cheat, one more cheat, one more cheat: The Club Manager 2015 Trainer has them all!

How could it be otherwise: Thanks to our MegaTrainer you can massively increase the sponsorship money during all negotiations! With each round of negotiations this gives you several million more than normal! The other Club Manager 2015 cheats cause, however, that your current credit is set to zero. This means that you can directly cheat money: You just take a loan over the maximum amount and then you set the credit down to zero again! What fun! Thanks to the Club Manager 2015 Trainer you get everything you need. All other cheats are thus obsolete. Now have fun scoring goals!

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