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Cities XL Platinum: City planning full of possibilities!

The great thing about Cities XL Platinum is: It can still compete with the latest comparable games like Cities in Motion 2 and Cities - Skylines. The great simulation game Cities XL Platinum offers its players the opportunity to plan, to design, to build and to interconnect whole cities in all shapes and sizes. The gigantic selection of superb edifices, buildings, structures, maps and terrains is overwhelming.
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Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Developer: Focus Home Interactive
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

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Cities XL Platinum really pays attention to every little detail, but this unique selling point ensures the success of the game: Impersonating the mayor of a virtual city, the player takes on the role of a shrewd problem solver! Thus you have to deal with energy shortage, look for ecologically sound solutions, plan and organize a satisfactory transport system, develop cutting-edge concepts, satisfy the needs of your residents for housing, leisure and work, network with other cities and exchange goods and ideas and so much more. Cities XL Platinum is full of possibilities...
Basically, Cities XL Platinum plays as comparable cities simulation games. You install a network of roads and determine various residential, industrial and business areas. It goes without saying that the various areas should overlap as little as possible. Who likes to live right next to industrial plans? Nevertheless, the routes must be well organized since your residents have different needs and they do not want to drive far distances just to go shopping or for their recreational activities. If your plans and implementations get a positive response from your potential new citizens, then they will build up higher buildings all by themselves: Your metropolis will grow and flourish.


But it is common knowledge that the growing wealth also increases the needs of the inhabitants. Unskilled workers live in indigenous neighbourhoods and work in simple factories. Professionals rather work at a desk and therefore need office buildings. Planning and executing the build-up of your very own city does not mean that you have to go for a checkerboard pattern, even if that provides an undeniable clarity in view. Courageous pioneers dare to build up wild running roads curves and to construct daring bridges and tunnel systems. And then your city starts to live: cars, trucks and motorbikes whiz through the streets—or they are stuck in traffic. Residents stroll happily on the new shopping street or sit at home very upset because there is no corresponding place in the neighbourhood. The way the life in your city runs has a lot to do with your planning!
However, the exchange of goods with other cities is not to be underestimated. If you produce a lot of oil you can achieve very high prices on the open market. If you install a forward-looking education policy you may have a surplus of trained professionals. Those can be traded on the market as well. Now several of your top managers take one of your buses of the elaborate transport system to travel other cities to take the lead there. Fuel tanker will roll over your intelligent scale road system and get rid of your black gold, while garbage trucks keep your city clean and tourist buses fill your hotels. Previously, however, some travellers will visit one of your superb edifices like the Alcatraz or Tokyo's Imperial Palace. Anyway, something is clear: Cities XL Platinum is full of unimagined possibilities!


Our exclusive Cities XL Platinum cheats have what it takes! Only our MegaTrainer increases your cash to make your city treasury overflow! Money problems are old news! From now on you plan, build, and construct all the buildings and structures you ever wanted to have your thriving metropolis. Try it: The Cities XL Platinum Trainer really provides unimagined possibilities!


  • Construction of individual cities in all shapes and sizes
  • Gigantic selection of structures, buildings and terrain
  • Planning and creation of very unique infrastructures
  • Property transfer with other cities
  • Development of innovative concepts
  • Great city-building simulation
  • Several superb edifices
  • Wonderful graphics

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