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20.11.2017 • 4 Codes

Chaos Souls: Rescue your sister from the claws of demons!

In the 2.5D Visual-Novel-Action-Anime-Video-GameChaos Souls you play as a cat-girl named Eris. Demons kidnapped your sister and saving her and maybe even the world is now entirely in your hands! All Demons follow the orders of their leader, the Succubus Azesh. Our 2017 MegaTrainer comes packed with exclusive cheats and codes to help you during battle!
Game Profile
Publisher: Visualnoveler
Developer: Visualnoveler
Release Year: 2017
Game Modes:

Chaos Souls Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite Mana (Shield)
Provides you with unlimited mana!
Infinite Mana (Projectile)
Provides you with unlimited mana!
Infinite Upgrade Points
You get unlimited uprade points!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

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Eris lives together with her sister Petra, isolated from the rest of the world, in a small house in the forest. Both think they're safe there from the horrible events that are happening in the world of video-game Chaos Souls. But one day a succubus emerges from nowhere and captures your sister Petra! As Eris, it is now up to you to save your sister from the claws of demons. Without thinking too much, Eris sets off on her way to storm the stronghold of the demons and save Petra! This journey takes to three different and completely unique regions. Will you be able to free and rescue your sister?


The video game Chaos Souls plays like a classic side-scroller-hack’n’slay-adventure. Eris has a variety of different abilities and powers to kill demons. All demons leave behind a strange magical energy called Chaos Souls. Eris can absorb it and thus she becomes more powerful as the game progresses. In addition to the regular demons, you will also encounter different bosses in each level. All of them have to be killed in nerve-racking boss fights. The dialogue in the game is entirely text-based. The instrumental background music does a great job in moving the plot and action along and the worlds’ backgrounds all look stunning!


Chaos Souls may look like a harmless hack' n' slash side-scroller, but the fights and the level of difficulty are extremely high. Our 2017 MegaTrainer comes packed with exclusive and handmade cheats and codes avoiding countless deaths during every boss fight and to avoid frustration. With our trainers you can personalize your gaming experience. Our Chaos Souls Cheats give you unlimited mana for your shield and also for projectiles. With our Chaos Souls Trainer you additionally get codes for Godmode and unlimited upgrade points. With this awesome combination, even the Succubus Azesh will stand no chance against you!


  • Different types of opponents
  • Engaging Visual Novel
  • 7 Steam Achievements
  • Great art design
  • Different worlds


The video game Chaos Souls was developed by Studio Visualnoveler. The developer is already working on two brand news games: Destiny Chronicles andAscendant Hearts!

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