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01.05.2012 • 11 Codes

Carmageddon - Reincarnation: Blood and oil!

Carmageddon - Reincarnation is anything but an ordinary racing game. Cars, which are equipped with metal fangs, sharp claws, destructive drills and other perishable stuff and literally destroy other cars, people and cows are only to find in here: Carmageddon - Reincarnation! Death-defying stunts, daring manoeuvres, cynical humour, crude expletives and brutal violence are those characteristics that make this show get going. Now there is only missing one thing: Our MegaTrainer and its cheats. Thus you will get incredibly much money and the best upgrades only!
Game Profile
Publisher: Stainless Games
Developer: Stainless Games
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Carmageddon - Reincarnation Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
+1 killed person (on map)
This cheat only works during free mode, in which you accomplish tasks like "kill all the people", "smash all the enemies cars" or "drive through all laps/checkpoints at first"... This cheat does not work in special missions in which you receive points for killing a certain pedestrian!!!
+10.000 money/credits
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
+100.000 money/credits
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
Godmode (all cars)
The Godmode disables the damage in the game completely. In other words: None of the vehicles in the game suffers any damage. This Cheat is therefore not suitable for Death-Matches, but very helpful for Checkpoint missions or the like.
+5 upgrade tokens (in parts-store)
This Cheat provides you with numerous upgrade tokens that will improve your vehicle a lot. To use it you need activated "prepare for cheats" and then move your mouse over the upgrades inside the parts-shop, before you can use this cheat!
The remaining level time gets increased by this Cheat with each activation, for example if you need more time to explore the terrain.
Other cars max 2nd gear
The Cheats for the gears affect all other vehicles, which are not the one saved (human) car!
Other cars max 1st gear
The Cheats for the gears affect all other vehicles, which are not the one saved (human) car!
Other cars no gear
The Cheats for the gears affect all other vehicles, which are not the one saved (human) car!
Identify human car
Preferably activate this Cheat when the countdown starts and then engage the reverse gear... The first vehicle that drives backwards with the activated Cheat, after the countdown has expired, will be saved from this Cheat!

Special Hint

Created by:
  • All Carmageddon - Reincarnation cheats work for the human player only.
  • Cheats with the same ID cannot be used at the same time.



As an eponymous game was brought to life in 1997, the opponents and critics of computer games have almost lost their temper. Even the Pope condemned the predecessor of Carmageddon - Reincarnation! But the media hysteria certainly was good for nothing: The rebirth of this ultimate action racing game is brutal, grotesque and even more wonderful than ever before... So what are you waiting for? Get your ass in one of the many mobile killer machines and give free rein to your rage. The predecessor to Carmageddon - Reincarnation has practically invented the concept of a 3D Open World! Indeed, this very game knows no rules and no limits. You can do and be whatever you want! Tear your opponents apart. Let the enemy's vehicles feel the deadly impact of your killing machines. Cross over pedestrian areas and football fields and beat the living daylights out of the passers-by and professional athletes. The cars of Carmageddon - Reincarnation are no vehicles, they are all destructive beasts and you are the demon, who drives them!


Amazingly, the principle gameplay of Carmageddon - Reincarnation integrates extremely realistic physics, which display dynamic real-time damage very authentically. This means, conversely, that your metal monster can only deal with limited damages as well. But where else would be the fun of it? Hectic Fun, excessive force, oblique laughter and especially Powerups are the ultimate hallmark of Carmageddon - Reincarnation. The Powerups include a remarkable range of special abilities that are surreal but hilarious though. Using them, your killing machines might hop through the neighbourhood such as kangaroos or sometimes they blow up their competitors high in the air. Sometimes the use of Powerups may even fill up the helpless passers-by with helium and make them fly around. You can say what you want: You get a good laugh here! Especially in times you are in the act of knocking down innocent pedestrians and cows! Your wild combo manoeuvres are incidentally recognized by several Steam-Achievements. In addition, you may put your spectacular stunts online and share them with your friends and the community. Whether you're about to enjoy the Career Mode, Free Play Mode or the Online and Offline Multiplayer Mode, Carmageddon - Reincarnation has a huge and varied selection of custom killing machines, which offer very individual skills. All vehicles from Carmageddon - Reincarnation are specially made for the next pending job. The mission design indeed is diverse. You crush, bend, shatter or annihilate the cars of your opponents. Either you blow off only individual parts of the body or you rip the whole vehicle apart. Nevertheless, you will gain special bonus points for killing off pedestrians and cows that lurk around the whole game worlds. The game offers a wide range of adult pedestrians: Grumpy pensioners, bikini girls, wannabe cowboys and several other types. After each completed mission you have to pursue various repairs and upgrades especially for more power, better armour and brand new attack systems. And the fun begins anew with only one exception: From now on, there is even more blood and more oil!


The cosmos of Carmageddon - Reincarnation is so powerful - of course you would like to have some special gimmick that makes the game even more enjoyable. No sooner said than done: Our MegaTrainer provides you with everything you need to rock every second of this magnificent spectacle: By using our cheats, you can arbitrarily influence the timer. Thus you may explore the open game world for as long as you want! In addition, you can always increase your upgrade tokens, with which you can buy upgrades during the races. Every time your opponents get too fast, just put their gears down or put it to zero at will! And this brings us to the end: Thanks to our cheats you receive numerous credits during the race. Thus you are able not only to repair your car at all times, but also to acquire all Powerups that provide you with incredible skills. As it was said: Whoever activates the Carmageddon - Reincarnation Trainer, will make the blood and oil rain!


  • Varied selection of very custom killing machines
  • The silliest challenges and most senseless successes
  • Realistic physics and dynamic, real-time damages
  • Countless crazy achievements and high-scores
  • Surreal but hilarious special abilities
  • Ingenious but grotesque 3D world
  • Fine humour at its best
  • Wonderful graphics

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