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Call of Duty - World at War: A master of war simulation!

The game Call of Duty - World at War is based on the same engine as Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare: and sets new standards in the war-simulation genre. The innovative graphics technology of Call of Duty - World at War provides highly detailed characters, amazing lighting effects and unique special effects. The fighting scenes on the battlefields seem deceptively real and thus they cause your pulse to quicken. Ever since this MegaTrainer comes just in time: These cheats provide you ammunition, grenades and health in abundance. Now the war may begin!
Game Profile
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Treyarch
Release Year: 2008
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Call of Duty - World at War Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite ammo (on reload)
These cheats provide your soldiers with infinite ammo, grenades and a permanent full magazine!
These cheats increase your life energy and make your soldiers become immortal!
No reload + infinite grenades and more
These cheats provide your soldiers with infinite ammo, grenades and a permanent full magazine!
Godmode + MegaHealth
These cheats increase your life energy and make your soldiers become immortal!

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Call of Duty - World at War stages the most chaotic battles of World War II one can possibly imagine. You always fight in teams and try to fight back the Axis powers on the European and Pacific fronts. Ambushes and sniper attacks characterize the everyday war-and so do Kamikaze attacks and Banzai assaults. In addition, Call of Duty - World at War provides players the possibility to plunge into the gameplay with up to four friends and thus experience new tactics in co-op mode. That’s a first! All previous games of the series have finally met their match: Call of Duty - World at War!
You can say what you want about Call of Duty - World at War, but this war simulation provides great staged action deluxe! The fifth instalment of the series catapults you straight back to the past at all fronts of World War II. Struggling for the Americans, you adamantly fight against the Japanese in the Pacific. Fighting for the Russians, you fight your way through Stalingrad, move over the Seelow Heights and head out for the Reichstag in Berlin. The scenes are full of events and dangers. Almost every second something detonates or explodes. The Germans and the Japanese storm your positions in vast hordes. The different campaigns always start with a motivating introduction. Your protagonist somehow survives his certain demise and is immediately committed to the armed service again.


Most of your time, while playing Call of Duty - World at War, you are under massive attack and therefore you shoot back like there is no tomorrow. But from time to time many challenging tank manoeuvres and daredevil aircraft operations breathe new life into the usual game play at the forefront. Thus you may control a T-34 through enemy positions, shatter German Panthers, destroy communication equipment or vandalize railway stations to torpedo new troop transports. In other scenarios, you're right on board of a cruiser, fight a gun battle, target on Japanese warplanes, annihilate enemy ships and fire off kamikaze attacks before they reach their destination. Speaking of your behaviour on the battlefields themselves, you sneak from cover to cover and conquer trench after trench. Using what? A rich arsenal of pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades and a magnificent flamethrower! Playing Call of Duty - World at War, you should certainly not lack one thing: Ambition! Your opponents really attack in hordes. The proper use of various firearms and grenades should be well thought out. Otherwise you will quickly bite the dust! In many missions you have to send a minimum quantity of enemies to hell before you may advance further in the level. It won’t ever be possible to cosy up to the fireplace: Enemies will befall you wave after wave at any times. All positions are highly competitive. Sometimes you might succeed to whip out an enemy trench by using your flamethrower. But that is certainly not the rule! Especially the Japanese Banzai attacks are extremely difficult to fight back. No wonder: They lack certain logic! The battlefields in the cities and in the countryside contain numerous twisty sections and various hiding places. Your enemies will use camouflage, hide among tall grasses and spring up like mushrooms out of foxholes - what a deadly surprise! Sometimes your adversaries hide in ruins and try to fall in your back. The use of the flamethrower can be of value in such situations. The destructive fire burns down entire fields and penetrates into every potential hiding place. Anyway: Playing Call of Duty - World at War is always ambitious. This war simulation is truly masterful!


Exactly! Only our MegaTrainer enables that your soldiers never have to reload again. In addition they get an infinite number of grenades as well! Moreover, our other Call of Duty - World at War cheats provide your warriors with infinite ammo and the Godmode! It goes without saying: Equipped with this range of ammunition, grenades and health, the gameplay mechanics come up with entirely new possibilities! The Call of Duty - World at War Trainer is and shall remain the true master!


  • Empire arsenal of rifles, grenades and a flamethrower
  • Tank manoeuvres, aircraft operations and ship battles
  • Highly detailed characters and stunning effects
  • Extremely chaotic battles of World War II
  • Kamikaze attacks and Banzai assaults
  • Many ambushes and sniper attacks
  • Deceptively real combat action
  • New tactics in co-op mode
  • Innovative graphics

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