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01.05.2012 • 4 Codes

Call of Duty – Black OPs 2: Fighting in a new Future

This innovative Ego-Shooter’s story does follow the Storyline of the predecessor, continues its road and entangles you in sceneries of the 1980s, alternating with passages from the near future. In 2025 a 2nd Cold War takes place on earth. This time the combatants are (Surprise, surprise) the USA and the Republic of China.
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Publisher: Activision
Developer: Treyarch
Release Year: 2012
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Call of Duty - Black Ops 2 Cheats

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Unlimited Ammo
If you activate this cheat you have unlimited ammo (e.g. reload for free).
Activate this cheat to become immortal in the game.
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With this cheat you have unlimited ammo in your clip and don't need to reload - ever!

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Ground-breaking new technologic achievements enable to revolutionize warfare. Computers are more powerful and instead of betting on fragile humans, more intelligent drones are used, optic camouflage is common practice and Mechs dominate the modern battlefield. If you consider, that similar tools of war a researched today, Call of Duty - Black OPs 2 stages a realistic vision of the future. In the main story the Cold War can escalate to a hot one at any time. America suddenly is dependent on China. To outline this very fast: This high-developed Technique needs rare earth elements, in order to function properly. These 17 Elements (they include elements like Scandium and Holmium - Yes. They exist - if not it wouldn’t be a realistic vision of the future) have their main occurrence in China. The Peoples Republic rules over 95% of the occurrences and forces the USA into dependence. Got it? When China imposes an export ban, the moods of the superpowers get more and more heated and entangle in subliminal conflict, not really calming the situation. One third of the story, you encounter in Call of Duty - Black OPs 2, plays back in the past. Intense Retrospectives and Flashbacks, so to speak. These sequences serve to explain the motivation and background of the villain Raul Menendez. Together with 2 protagonists, known from Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3, you have to shoot yourself through missions, in order to reveal the mystery of Menendez insanity.


After its really successful predecessor Call of Duty - Black Ops and the even more successful Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 the bar set, concerning the CoD - Fan community, hangs pretty high. Nonetheless Call of Duty - Black OPs 2 took this obstacle with bravura. You could say, this game broke some records and has set new ones, indeed. Next to the main story Call of Duty - Black OPs 2 enthuses us, by making us feel never doing the same thing for 5 minutes or more. For example, you and your team have to infiltrate a luxury yacht and mingle with the civilians before you’ll start a shoot-out on the dancefloor backed up by roaring dupstep. See, the story is diverse, nicely staged and just in a few moments - illogical. We will forgive Call of Duty - Black OPs 2 because, nonetheless, the fun doesn’t suffer at all. The cut scenes are nicely scripted and have a surprisingly good quality. They combine the chaotic style of the predecessors with a good and solid plot. In this classic scenes the characters interact and you’ll watch it like a movie. The best thing is, that you will see and hear the protagonist! What a positive development! The mostly good quality of the cut scenes is a little bit peculiar, having the feeling that they economized on love for detail. Admiring landscapes is out of place, the same as beautiful animated textures and surfaces - in war, you don’t have time for this kind of shenanigans! Still sad. But then again, we have a steady framerate of 60 pictures per second! That’s nice and maybe soothes the aching heart of the people, who love graphics. What loosens the gameplay and leads to unusual mobility, is the fact that some levels have a hint (really just a whiff) of open design. The real strictly linear principle of Call of Duty - Black OPs 2 breaks up and thus provides alternate routes! These lead to hidden weapons and similar things and arouse the question what would have happened to the story, if you had taken the different road? An additional sensation is the Strike Force concept. On this occasion Treyarch tries to mingle real-time Strategy with Ego-Shooter and spices things up with a dash of tower-defence. You take over the role of the general and choose between 5 optional missions. You will send troops to hotspots like India. Interesting is that you will switch between bird’s eye view and ego-shooter perspective, so you stay on top of things. It doesn’t matter what you do, you only have 10 minutes time to end your mission successfully. Well, be fast!


You shouldn’t care, if the stupid AI stands under critique or not. Your bank says: Finish this mission and survive! To get this done, the MegaTrainer supports you with cheats that will prolong your live and make it possible for you to end this mission with a clean 100%. Let the drones come by thousands! You just wait for them, because the Godmode makes you invincible. Infinite ammunition and the fact that reloading is dismissed, contribute to your superiority - as well as the option of fast-shooting. Shooting way faster, in every situation? This is the perfect prerequisite to beat inhuman combat-robots or enemies to the ground. It doesn’t matter, if you are in the past or if you stir up the near future, the Call of Duty - Black OPs 2 Trainer turns you into a super-soldier and makes you smash every combat-robots.


  • Adjust your viewing angle from 65 to 80
  • PC-exclusive Feature: peek from hiding spot
  • Stable framerate of 60 pictures per second
  • Never-ending action
  • Intelligent vision of the future
  • Diverse story with lots of twists
  • Choose alternate routes
  • Fusion of real-time strategy and Ego-Shooter
  • Interesting Strike Force concept

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