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01.05.2012 • 3 Codes

Bridge It +: From average Gamer to Bridge Builder!

This bridge building simulation game can be described by many adjectives: It’s complex, varied, entertaining, challenging, exciting and even relaxing. Playing Bridge It +, the gamer is devoted to the task of planning and constructing bridges. The nature of the terrain, the soil and the weather conditions, has to be taken into account. The game becomes particularly difficult when it challenges you to accomplish building with barely any material and money. Therefore our cheats deliver you exactly the things the play-makers refuse: Enough money and all materials!
Game Profile
Publisher: Libredia
Developer: Chronic Logic
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Bridge It + Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Set maximum budget to 50.000
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
Increase maximum budget by 500.000
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
Unlock all building-materials
Provides you all materials for your construction!

Special Hint

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In addition to the great successes of Bridge Constructor Playground and Bridge Constructor Medieval, a new architecture simulator pushes on the market and captures the hearts of its fans! This isn't that surprising if you take a closer look on Bridge It +! Every time the player has completed the bridge of one level, his construction has to go through a baptism of fire. Only if the construction withstands the stress of cars, trains and earthquakes, Bridge It + will proceed to the next round. This very game makes any average gamer to a bridge building specialist! Luckily Bridge It + provides five levels of difficulty, where you can succeed as a bridge constructor. The very first designs start easy then turn to medium and hard and before you know it you try to handle the king disciplines complex and extra. It’s really excellent, because you learn from scratch how to plan and construct bridges and what materials should be used in the process.
However, in many cases, Bridge It + doesn't provide the opportunity to choose from a variety of materials. Getting you off easy - that isn’t part of the games concept. Especially since bridges can be built completely out of iron or steel. You simply have to know how! If you, for example, have to build your bridge without ropes, it is advisable to seek for a round structure above the abyss. Everything is a matter of statics! You’ll learn this lesson while trying to position steel girders and match street segments to a stable bridge.


At the first level there a only a few problems to solve. The bridges are built relatively quickly over the various depths. But the terrain gets more demanding from bridge to bridge. At first you just have to overcome deep ravines, but later there are lurid rivers and picturesque lakes to span. To make matters worse: On the waters of Bridge It + there is sea-traffic. If you haven't integrated the corresponding hydraulic system and the appropriate links, the whole construction will collapse like a house of cards! And bear in mind: If you want to reach the next level you have to pass the endurance test. Everything has to be accounted for: transportation as same as earthquakes. Fortunately, the weak points of your construction are color coded, this way you are able to reconstruct your bridge fast and safe from collapse. The most difficult levels, which Bridge It + has to offer, combine all adversities within one simulation. Meaning, that some worlds demand your bridge to have more than one passage. So it could happen, that, for example, 2 tunnel entrances on one side of the abyss have to be connected with the street on the other side. But it doesn’t stop here, because the entrances lie on different sea levels. If you overcame this little brainteaser, Bridge It + doesn’t allow you to catch your breath facing you towards incoming shipping traffic. But is a hydraulic system enough? Or does the bridge simulator wait with other traps? You see: Concerning Bridge It + the interests of the different vehicles collide many times. Your task is then to bring order out of chaos. The way you reach this goal, is entirely up to you. In times you've got all the materials, your imagination knows no limits, as long as you will obey the laws of physics!


Finally, there are two things that are a permanent shortage concerning Bridge It + and remain so: Money and material. But this situation is no longer accepted by our MegaTrainer. Therefore our Cheats deliver you exactly the things the play-makers refuse: Enough money and all materials this game includes! You have to know this: The challenges will remain, only your possibilities will grow. Now you are able to realize all your ideas, as long as they harmonize with the laws of physics. And that's exactly why real bridge builders build their bridges with the Bridge It + Trainer!


  • Materials from real bridge building
  • Various constructions are possible
  • Impressive hardness tests
  • Great designing options
  • Helpful error indication
  • Hair-raising challenges
  • Realistic game physics
  • Stunning Landscapes
  • Wonderful graphics

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