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Breach & Clear: Best Black Ops ever!

Breach & Clear stages a realistic simulation of covert military operations. The player is in command of a small black ops team, consisting of specialists in their field. The secret operations are spread across the globe: In China, Russia, Germany, Colombia, Afghanistan and Turkey. Breach & Clear condemns the player to proceed extremely tactical and goal-oriented. The player determines not only the complete equipment of his soldiers. Rather, he coordinates the running paths, determines the angle of view, places explosive devices, looks for suitable hiding places and kicks in if and only if, victory is within his grasp. Our MegaTrainer can this speed up, because our Cheats grant you unlimited skill points!
Game Profile
Publisher: Devolver Digital, Gambitious Digital Entertainment
Developer: Mighty Rabbit Studios, Gun
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Breach & Clear Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
500.000 money
This cheat increases your money with each menu-switch by the given value.
Beware: Concerning dynamic games, the activation of the Cheats may take a while!
Infinite skillpoints
This cheat increases your skill-points with every switch in the stats-menu (not between the missions!).

Beware: Concerning dynamic games, the activation may take some time.
Turns your soldiers invincible. Beware: This Cheat will only come into effect, after you or one of your enemies got hit!

Special Hint

Created by:
  • Breach & Clear is a full dynamical game which creates game functions at runtime if needed. For this reason cheats of the Breach & Clear trainer can only be activated after the game already used these functions at least one time. In addition the first activation of each cheats may need a few seconds. Please read and follow our cheat-descriptions to correctly use our trainer!


Enemies and Tasks

It is distinctive for black ops, that a few soldiers have to face a larger number of terrorists. Breach & Clear is no exception. It stages secret military operations extremely tactical and wonderfully authentic!
Whenever one hears or reads of covert military operations, it is very obvious, who is the enemy: Terrorists, indeed! The classic image of the enemy itself has not changed in Breach & Clear. However, the mission design is very impressive. You have to manage your operations not only all over the world, but the terrain and the backgrounds vary from job to job and from mission to mission.
In Afghanistan, you have to clean an American shopping mall of terrorists, who are about to install a new base there. Your mission in Turkey takes place on the outside. There you are a kind of vanguard! You have to clear the Grand Bazaar of enemy targets, in order to provide that your army can secure the whole area. Being in China, you have to face a hostile group, which has hijacked a ship that is of great military importance. Your mission: Infiltrate the enemy cruiser, press forward inside the vessel and eliminate those, who stand in your way. Your mission in Germany takes you back for a blow, into the Black Forest! There are several terrorist organizations, which have entrenched the surroundings, just waiting to make your acquaintance...

Commando and Deployment

But how to confront such dangers? After all, you are outnumbered by far! But that does not bother you, ever since the moment of surprise stays along your side! During most missions of Breach & Clear, the game offers several ways that lead to a successful completion of your tasks. That means in plain text: Initially, you can choose one or more 'doors', ergo gateways, through which you want to infiltrate the enemy territory/buildings. Sometimes it is quite advisable to invade through each gate, striking with two soldiers. However, it rests with your tactical foresight to vary from case to case, whether a concerted attack might be the better option! Once you've reached a decision, then there is no looking back: From now on, you command your black ops team step by step to its destination. Thus you have to coordinate not only their paths, but also determine their viewing direction. Your enemies are finally lurking everywhere, but your soldiers can only fire at them, if they see where they are hiding! Nevertheless, it sounds way easier than it actually is to ensure a 360 degree view...

Equipment and Weapons

But if you have equipped your special force accordingly, you can deal with very tricky situations as well. Just throw a stun grenade and it will provide a clear shot for a short time, because your enemies can't even damage themselves! In addition to such shenanigans and tactical approaches, of which Breach & Clear stages nearly a thousand, it is particularly important to equip your soldiers with different firearms! It goes without saying that a shotgun, because of its large scattering, fires not as precise as a machine gun. Nevertheless, their impact is much more powerful! However, the vast arsenal that you gradually unlock during the course of Breach & Clear, provides you a hell of a choice of different weapons. But it is not the weapon, but rather what you make of it. The game stages many additional modifications for each weapon type: scopes, IR-devices, grips, lights, triggers and suppressors...

Chess on the Battlefield

The less your soldiers attract attention, the less trouble you'll get. The tasks really have what it takes. Not to mention the enemies. It just takes a few hits and your military operation has failed. Therefore, it is very important to get your sniper ready just right, to place your grenadiers accordingly and to provide a special tactics for your infantry. In each of your turns, you have to consider about running and viewing directions, which are safest for your soldiers and most lethal for your enemies. Breach & Clear is not a simple knitted strategy game, it is more like chess only on the battlefield!


  • Authentic simulation of secret military operations
  • Precise determination of running- and viewing directions
  • Gigantic weapons- and explosives arsenal
  • Unique modifications for each weapons
  • Very different battlefields and terrains
  • Free zoom option to midst of the action
  • Assignments around the globe
  • Atmospheric graphics

The Breach & Clear Trainer makes everyone become an elite Soldier!

No soldier is born as an elite fighter. Usually it's a long way there, passing through many missions and military operations. Our MegaTrainer can this speed up, because our Cheats grant you unlimited skill points. Thus you increase the skills of your soldiers. This refers to their health, their ability to evade, their reaction, their speed and their accuracy. Now, if you consider that the Breach & Clear Trainer also donates an infinite amount of money, to make sure that you can buy all the weapons and supplementary articles, the enormous your tactical advantage becomes obvious! Really everyone becomes an elite soldier!

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