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Battlefield 3: War, as it would really be happening!

The award-winning first-person shooter Battlefield 3 stages very different warfare scenarios between narrow streets or in large urban centers. But it also entertains with large-scale battles at the countrysides. Speaking of Battlefield 3, the use of all water-, land- and air- vessels and all heavy weapons can be depicted as quite realistic, indeed: This is war, as if it was real!
Game Profile
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA DICE
Release Year: 2011
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Battlefield 3 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite ammo
If you activate this cheat you have unlimited ammo (e.g. reload for free).
No reload
With this cheat you have unlimited ammo in your clip and don't need to reload - ever!
Infinite grenades
Provides you with unlimited grenades!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Godmode + OneHitKill
This cheat is a combination of a godmode (be immortal) and one-hit-kill to kill your opponents with one single hit. You should use this only if necessary and apart from that the normal godmode, because otherwise it can cause problems in some situations.

Special Hint

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  • All Battlefield 3 cheats work for the human player only.



After the relevant success of Battlefield 1942, now Battlefield 3 conquers the market. It can be considered as one of the most ingenious action games and one of the most physical shooters ever. The cutting-edge technology of Battlefield 3 presents its players superior graphic, realistic character animations, massive destruction options, authentic sounds - in short: A deceptively real war experience. The various battlefields act uncommonly realistic and promise an intense experience. The player takes on the role of various elite soldiers, who carry out the most dangerous military operations in the most unexpected locations in the USA, the Middle East and in Europe.


Compared to the previous games, the developers have now limited the player’s functions. Now you only control up to 4 elite soldiers. “Assault” for example handles his grenade launcher excellently. Moreover, Assault has a cardiac defibrillator, with which he can bring back to life any fallen soldiers. But what will the grenade throwing Assault do, if he runs out of ammunition? Then the “Support” soldier comes into play. This is the only GI, who can supply ammunition to the other warriors. In addition, only Support has the ability to use smaller machine guns or to fire with the mortar over obstacles. However, if the fragmentation and smoke grenades are meant to hit its destination, Support will depend on the target marks of his team. But there is only one man in line for this special purpose: “Recon”! Recon totally lives up to his name in Battlefield 3. Although he operates with several sniper rifles, he actually finds his calling in the enemy detection. He marks enemy infantry units in a considerable radius. Enabling the help of his drones, Recon can also spy on his adversaries out of the air. In addition to soldiers, he can mark all aircrafts and vehicles by using his laser aiming device. Once he has successfully marked any of his targets, his enemies will eventually end up as cannon fodder for the homing missiles of his colleagues. Last but not least we have to mention the “Engineer”. This elite soldier not only uses his torch to repair vehicles. Quite the contrary: Using the help of his bazookas, mines and carbines, he becomes the terror of all enemy vehicles and aircrafts. But his favorite toy is his mining robot. This special ground-drone independently repairs any vessels, puts bombs at any places and even kills off enemy soldiers. That is indeed a truly beautiful toy, especially if you want to avoid putting yourself in danger… The battles against the enemy vehicles are really a hard nut to crack. Especially since you should remain in coverage! An aimed shot with the rocket launcher is not enough yet to bring an enemy vehicle down. The SUV may now be unfit to drive, but his MG-guns usually work as before. Even when a tank rolls over one of your mines only its chains will explode then, but the firing power still remains. In case you manage to blow up the tank after all, Battlefield 3 rewards your audacity with additional points. The range of the mobile vessels, however, is very broad, indeed: There are contemporary combat vehicles, tanks, helicopters and even jets. The jets of Battlefield 3 can be perfectly controlled with the mouse. Thereby, the fast-paced air combats promise a spectacular experience. The heavy helicopter gunships are equipped with unguided rockets, laser-based missiles, electronic countermeasures and even air-to-air missiles. This is why the combat helicopters not only destroy tanks, but they even blow jets from the sky. Although the war mostly takes place on the ground, the battles in the clouds provide a welcome change to the dangerous military operations in the many cities down at the earth. The war feeling that Battlefield 3 provokes is truly unique. You have to experience it by yourself before you might understand what that really means…


Exactly! However, war heroes need the right equipment, indeed! Fortunately, our MegaTrainer provides you with anything you need. By using the help of our cheats, your elite soldiers get infinite ammo, grenades and a permanent full magazine. Thus you are able to shoot bullets until kingdom come! In addition, you will receive the Godmode, thus you'll be immortal. Now your soldiers will master even the most difficult missions and operations. At least every war needs a hero and the Battlefield 3 Trainer makes you to become one in no time. What are you waiting for? Go to battle and save the day!


  • War zones in USA, the Middle East and in Europe
  • Four elite soldiers with special weapons and abilities
  • Action-packed and fast-paced combats high in the clouds
  • Countless possibilities of destruction
  • Use of intelligent drones and robots
  • Deceptively real war experience
  • Realistic character animation
  • Next-generation graphics

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